Sort out the Heart of your Home

I want to share some pics of some work I did with a wonderful client in Perth recently.  We completely blitzed the spare room (from almost unuseable room of self proclaimed shame) to create a liberated, functional, welcoming space.  We also created something really special that I encourage you to try for yourself at home.

I call it the Heart of your Home as it should reflect your loves, values and dreams. It’s a place that should also be central in your abode.

Check out how I sorted this space for Penny.

BEFORE: This gorgeous little cabinet is actually Penny’s mum’s sewing cabinet and still houses the original machine, cotton reels and sweet little tins of buttons.  Sadly, Penny’s mum died a few years ago, but Penny did inherit her mum’s love of sewing (despite having a career that has kept her very busy).

The surface of the cabinet had become a dumping ground for all kinds of flotsam jetsam; keys, tissues, room spray, buttons, paperclips, lollies, you name it.

The location was perfect: in the living room and right next to the kitchen which most of us know, we spend a lot of hours in!

The location you choose should be in your living area, or possibly hallway, and as close to the kitchen as is practical so long as it can remain pretty and functional.  It must be a place you pass every day.

So, as I’m sure you love a before and after as much as I do, please enjoy the afters of Penny’s Heart of her Home (and some of her feedback on our work together). 🙂

AFTER: ooooh!  Aaaah! Looks a lot nicer.  Feels good too.

Some tricks and tips for creating your Heart:

  • Penny still has a place for her keys (the small bowl) and enough space of small items to gather over time (this is natural and normal!)
  • don’t be afraid to layer items, eg the bowl on the tray, the souvenir tray leaning behind the photos
  • include a candle, incense, a single stem of a flower or tiny pot to represent growth
  • photographs of loved ones ROCK. I am always warmed to see ‘the folks’ on display in a home
  • include memorabilia.  The leather case under the cabinet was tooled by Philippa’s grandmother – another tribute to the resourcefulness and craftsmanship in her heritage
  • and finally, but most importantly, make sure your lighting is ambient or suitably spot lit from above (a lamp works a treat).

Thank you so much for your time over the last two days.

Its such a joy to decide what I’m going to do today without one of the options being sort my spare room! And my unit feels like a home rather than a place where I keep stuff. And if its a bit untidy, that’s just the flotsam and jetsam of every day life, rather than an unwielding testament to my failure as an adult and a human being. (Gosh we’re hard on ourselves aren’t we?)

Thanks for having me P!  Great work!


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