Baby got back(log)

I spent a good part of yesterday purging and shredding.  I was amused at how much made it into the “archives”. Not much was retrieved, probably less than 3% (a TV contract, content ideas to share here or on my newsletter, some tips sheets I made back in the dark ages).
What you see in these pictures is about 5 years worth of financial shredding, plus some outdated marketing and other type stuff. It felt really good to get rid of the ‘boggy’ backlog.  Baby does have some booty back there!

When was the last time you shredded?  Do you reuse the paper on both sides before disposal?  Do you have trouble letting go, or does it just go into the recycle bin?


5 responses to “Baby got back(log)

  1. I have to say Lissanne, we have had an epiphany. We have bought a beautiful modern 4 bedroom home. In some areas of the house, we bought the additional “bits” to have it all match, and have discovered this is not how we want to live. It’s too time consuming, and we want a “simpler” life in a semi-rural area of Melbourne. plenty of outside space, and much less indoors.

    This links because I have been cleaning out y files. I always keep two electronic back-ups, neither of which live in the house, and I am amazed at ow much stuff overflows from our 2 filing cabinets. A major cull is coming our way.

  2. We did about 12 bags worth of shredding before we moved, and at least another 20 after we moved. And yes, I feel dumb for paying someone to move boxes of unwanted paper. But from that experience, I’ve gotten a lot better at culling before things get filed, as well as recognizing when a new piece of paper should replace an old piece of paper instead of moving in with it. It helped that I broke down and bought the FreedomFiler labels, too.

    Now, I can’t believe the sort of stuff that I would hold on to for years. I never even look at the prospectus my mutual fund sends every six months, but I must’ve had ten of them in my files. And those things are thick!

  3. And we were supposedly moving towards a paperless world. Its a slow process. Only one of my bills turns up electronically, and one bank statement, which is a start. I guess not everyone is online, or trusting enough to accept electronic copies. I guess its good that many newsletters are now by email, or online rather than paper, which saves more than the paper itself but also the transport.
    I pile “should keep” onto a filing cabinet, until it groans under the weight and I have to sort it. Have to soon – its tax time :-). I also wonder what to keep, and for how long, altho I could look it up to check.

  4. Hi Lissanne….I have boxes of “stuff” left over from when my Mum died (23 years ago) and when my Dad died(11 years ago) and haven’t til now been able to sort it all…so…..recycle as much of the paper/cards etc as I can, but a lot of shredded paper I have been able to add to my no-dig above ground vegie garden…taking care that the proportions of compost/straw/sheep droppings and rotten leaves out of our roof guttering are OK ‘cos of the ink on some of the paper……
    Love reading your emails…they inspire me to sort even more of ‘THE BOXES” left to me !!!!

  5. I love a good paperwork cleanout. I just finished doing my filing cabinet. Found it quite relaxing to sit back with beverage in hand feeding my shredder. Only archives I keep are the necessary tax records for past few years.

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