Swap your wife with a hoarder!

Wife Swap Australia will soon be on the Lifestyle Channel, hooray!  I am a big fan of the show- and the Lifestyle Channel.  They’re looking for participants … in particular, they’re looking for a wife (or husband) who is a bit of a hoarder, but “in a healthy context, rather than as part of an anxiety disorder.”

Does this sound like you?  Here’s a bit more info:

Two wives swap homes and husbands for 7 days to take on a new family. The show is not about sex, it’s about relationships and lifestyle. The new wife will sleep in the spare bedroom.  They’re looking for:

  • Wives, husbands and children with a sense of humour
  • Couples need to be married, defacto or living together
  • There must be at least one child living at home
  • People who can articulate what they are feeling on camera
  • Families up for the challenge of living by another wife/mum’s rules for part of the Wife Swap Australia week

If you’re interested in talking about being involved in an episode, contact the lovely Kirsty de Vallance from a A Cast of Thousands kirsty (at) acastofthousands.com.au. Give her some bullet point info on your situ (suburb, state, contact details, a bit about your family etc

Good luck peeps!! I hope you make it on an episode.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be the wife that swaps with ya!



3 responses to “Swap your wife with a hoarder!

  1. Having just moved house with shed shed shed (as in… dispose!), i’d like to think I’m no longer a hoarder and that I’ve learnt something from you, Lisanne!

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