Come to The Repair Workshops.

Big thanks to the lovely Olivia for bring this event to my attention- it looks great! For anyone who hates waste, or loves to reinvent or appreciates the artistry of repair, check out The Repair Workshops

The Repair Workshops is an exciting artistic exploration into the idea of repair. The project challenges us all to think about how products are designed to break so easily and why we are losing the ability to repair. The Repair Workshops will be open to the public on the weekend of the 30 & 31 July. We are inviting people to pre-register to have their broken items repaired by one of our amazing collaborators!

We are working with the St Vincent de Paul Society to rescue broken and un-loved items destined for landfill, and we are also asking members of the public to donate items in need of repair to the project.

Our 8 collaborators will take over the basement of Donkeywheel house for 2 days of closed collaborations to repair and transform the items into functional products again or even into crazy works of art! All of the works created will then be on display and available for sale with all the proceeds going to Environment Victoria during the festival.

If you can’t make the event, or like me, can’t rummage up an item needing repair, check out this brilliant Repair Manifesto.  The concepts behind this event are just as lovely!

What do you think?

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