The fastest and cheapest spring clean: in winter!

If you’re feeling a bit boggy with the colder weather and if your home need s bit of a spruce up, here’s a really fast way to bring a bit ‘o zing into your space.

Hire a carpet shampooer from your local supermarket or hardware store.

We used Rug Doctor from Coles supermarket and paid $35 for a 24 hour hire.  We also hired the upholstery attachment but couldn’t get it connected (sorry dining chairs). No biggie – we were given a refund for that component.

In the 24 hours we shampooed the carpet twice and did the traffic areas three times.  Normally I do the carpets twice a year, but I have been neglectful.  Man, you could really see the dirt in the filthy water, but also the cleaner lifted the fibres in the carpet as well as making then much, much lighter.

Well, my husband is now addicted.  He wants to hire the Rug Doctor again soon.  Honestly, the carpets came up like new and gave our home a super freshen up.

You can do it!


4 responses to “The fastest and cheapest spring clean: in winter!

  1. We bought a $16 grout brush from Hynes Tiles, and given our floors are mostly tiles, it made such a difference. Our floors look so much nicer.

  2. I have been thinking of doing exactly the same thing – but have been worried that the carpets would stay damp in the cold weather.

    • Hey Cheryl, go for it! Our carpets dried fast: we had windows open and a strong breeze coming through the door. The breeze will help evaporate any dampness. We also turned the heater on as normal after a while, but left a select few windows open a teensy bit to make sure we didn’t steam ourselves. It. Is. So. Much. Nicer. Now!

  3. Love we use to hire a company but found our carpets were left drenched and quishy to walk on for day. I love that I control the amount if water and now they are dry within just an hour or two. And at the cheap price you don’t have to feel guilty doing the carpets three or more times a year,

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