School holidays… are you planning some organising and decluttering?!

Well done you for surviving another term with the kids and all their busy-ness. So, are you off on a trip away, or making the most of being near home (and getting some stuff sorted)?

What are you most looking forward to? What are you dreading?

I want to know!


11 responses to “School holidays… are you planning some organising and decluttering?!

  1. So you heard the cheers at 3pm this afternoon and no it wasn’t the kids, it was the teachers and staff, and yes I was one of them (well a week ago since I am Qld based).

    Holidays are a great time to sort out stuff. Personal filing and photos are on my to do list for the next week.

  2. Doing a huge sort of my sewing/craft stuff! My youngest son’s girlfriend is currently homeless and sleeping on my loungeroom floor, and I’m packing up the sewing room so she can have somewhere to sleep. Everything but the absolute essentials will get catalogued and packed and stored in the garage. I’m actually looking forward to it, my sewing stash – lots of fabric, patterns and books- has got a bit (waaay) out of hand, so it’s a good opportunity to take a step back and rethink what I really need.

    Lissanne, I was at your talk at Preston Library last week – I was the one with the coffee stained book that had fallen off the wagon for a while! I’m well and truly back and getting reorganised, thank you!


  3. Love school holidays for organising and decluttering! I work in a school and my son (3) still goes to child care during the holidays so I get a few days to myself to sweep through the house! Got a lot of inspiration last week when I saw an Oprah episode with Tom Shadyac who downsized from a mansion to a mobile home and was talking about how much lighter he felt with less stuff. Op shop, freecycle and ebay watch out!

  4. We have realised that Katie doesn’t cope with too much suff, so we are spending some time these holidays to clear out her stuff. We are also reinforcing our own need to remove stuff from our house.

    We are enforcing the one in one out rule. SO mostly staying home. I still think I have far too much stationery. not sure how to minimise that one.

  5. Hmmmm a quick question if I may.

    There is no such thing as too many pens, is there? I use lots of pens, and I have my favourites, but clients are often giving me their pens as well (marketing) and a pen is always useful.

    My partner says I have too many and she wants me to cull. (sigh)

    • Another thought is to separate the promotional pens and make them a collection rather than them being used… I confess, I am now hooked on souveniring pens from hotels and conferences. They are housed with my snowdomes as a new collection!

  6. I loath promotional pens. They never work for long and the house ends up full of pens that only give you a half hearted scrawl. I like nothing better than throwing them out. Old clothes is my big problem. I always think that I will need them sometime – very useful in the garden etc.

    • Too cute Katherine – it really does illustrate “one mans trash is another mans treasure!” I have one set of painting/gardening clothes and that’s it!

  7. Well,…. My 14 yo son is sleeping in the sunroom for the week while we clean, clear and paint his bedroom….. Brilliant tangerine, no not just one wall, but all four, the ceiling had a lucky escape.

    I agreed to the colour in order to ,aintain his enthusiasm in the project, as of course, the job will envolve a complete clear out….hee hee.

  8. Well, it’s a week since the holidays ended and yes, the feeling is over but the family room is very happy for it. (The kids are too).
    The one thing I did want to do was clear out the Ikea Expedit bookcase in the room (that none other than our Lissanne recommended to us). We love that bookcase and so does everyone that comes to our house. With all those little boxed spaces it keeps everything ordered. (Might I say I even label each section..)
    The kids helped, my hubby helped, out with a boxes full of books and toys – off to the school fete and my son gained a new table just for his lego so it’s all off the floor now.
    Ahhhh….I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

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