6 Steps to Beat Clutter

Want to be clutter free?  Overwhelmed and don’t know how to go about it? You need my 6 Steps to Beat Clutter workshop!  Please join me on Monday July 11th @ 7.30pm.

You’ll spend less time ‘tidying up’ and more time enjoying the things you really want to do.

I’ll inform, inspire and teach you:

  • how to stop clutter before it arrives
  • a stylist’s top tips to make your home photo shoot ready
  • how to develop new strategies and
  • how to manage everything from toys to paperwork

Plus much more.

Many thanks to Aberfoyle Uniting Church for having me back again as a speaker following our super fun event last year. What a wonderful bunch of women!  (I should mention this is a women only event).

Tickets $15 (includes supper)
Book by phoning (08) 8370 6472
Address 42 Sunnymeade Drive, Aberfoyle park, SA


11 responses to “6 Steps to Beat Clutter

  1. Wow,wish I could attend! It’s uncommon to find an author who adds so much more value to the message in their book by consistently engaging with their audience. Well done Lissanne

  2. Hey Lissanne,
    Love the postcard…I am hoping that you will get to run one of these workshops in Sydney in the future!!
    Keep up the great ideas.

    • Hi Maggie, I have a VERY BIG EVENT scheduled in Melbourne on Saturday October 29th… trust me, it will be worth travelling to Melbourne for! Save the date! More details to come very soon (make sure you are signed up for the newsletter).

      • looking forward to seeing the details of your visit to Melbourne in Oct. Lissane.

  3. Thanks Lissanne for a great night – there will be a number of things I will remember – think I might buy a snow dome to remember the 1 in – 1 out rule…. And despite my friends laughing at me, I will continue to keep the coat hanger ribbons from women’s tops to use in card making :-). But I’ll try to only keep the stuff that I am using & move on the stuff I’m keeping ‘in case’.

  4. Thanks Lissanne for sharing your great ideas with us at Aberfoyle.
    Dealing with clutter seems to be an ongoing dynamic process as the world sets us new challenges to deal with! I too have been known to keep the ribbons and would love to see how Lynne has used them perhaps she can send you a photo of one of her creations.

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