Product review: Rexel Auto 100+ shredder

You have to be careful what you wish for!  My old shredder gave up the ghost and then swooping out of the universe appears a beautiful new Rexel Auto 100+ Shredder. Just in time for End of Financial Year.

I’d seen them online: they feature a flip top lid where you can load up 100 pages at a time.  Looks like it would handle the needs of my busy little office. This shredder means business.


· Easy to use. Intuitive design. Clear instructions about things you should and shouldn’t do thanks to clear visual symbols.

· The flip top lid really does allow you to lay a stack of up to 100 sheets of paper to be auto shredded once the lid is closed. Are you serious?! I don’t have to hand feed my little munchy critter anymore? What a great time saver. There is a regular slot at the top if you want to feed smaller quanties

· A drawer for the shredded paper! I love a drawer. No more lifting up a top heavy lid to check or empty the contents.

· A removable brown paper catchment liner (ok, lets call it a bag) so you can manage the shredding. Refill bags available.

· Seems a little slower than the shredders that sound like aeroplanes taking off but then you can do 100 pages at a time, remember? That means less hand feeding from you with hardly any noise. Yay!


· Looks awesome! Nice and solid, you take one look and say “that’s going to get the job done”. I am a little weary of seeing any piece of equipment and think, oh, is that it?

· Slick styling, discreet, curves in the right places.


· Make sure your shredder is close at hand so you can feed it regularly. If you have room, within arm’s reach is perfect.

· Oil the blades from time to time; look after what looks after you.

· Remember to empty the bag of shredder paper. Oh hang on, the Rexel Auto +100 will stop working if you need to empty the bag. Love that.

· Shredded paper can be cat litter tray fodder too.

· Most shredders don’t like paper that’s too crumpled; the feeder mechanism will struggle to grip the paper properly. Best to shred flat sheets instead.

Keep an eye out for any specials that may be happening at your local stationery office supplier or retailer – with end of financial year looming, business machines like Rexel Shredders are often discounted to help you upgrade your office equipment.

For full product details, visit the Acco website.

Disclosure: Our Rexel Shredder was provided gratis in return for the above review.


In the Melb Metro area MBA Office National are offering a free 7 day trial of the Rexel Auto+100 Shredder (valid until August 31 2011, conditions apply, ask when you contact them).

Better still, MBA Office National have offered to extend their national corporate rates to SORTED! readers. This means you’ll save hard earned dollars.

Simply email with your company details and mention SORTED!  Or if you have questions, call on 03 9459 6666.  Thanks MBA Office National!


30 responses to “Product review: Rexel Auto 100+ shredder

  1. We have sold heaps of these shredders and it is amazing how often we get a follow up sale to another staff member in the same organisation. It’s not until you actually see it that you appreciate how much time it saves on standing at the shredder feeding in 10 shhets at a time.

    Justin U

  2. Does anyone else find that this machine does not shred the 100 sheets? I loaded the sheets into the shredder and I could hear the machine working but noticed it was taking so long and realized that is only feeds the paper 1 sheet at a time???

    it stopped working before it even did half the pages and then it had to cool off for about 1/2 hour. It had only been running for under 10 minutes.

    the concept is great but I’m not excited about this machine.

    • Hey Fazzy, are you sure your machine didn’t stop working because the bin was full? The machine has a clever stop function when it needs emptying.

      I haven’t had any trouble feeding 100 pages – even if the feeder does one page at a time, you don’t need to stand and hand feed them in. I think that’s a great time saver.

    • Hi Fazzy
      The real efficiency of this shredder is that you can pop the bundle in the top and walk away and do other stuff while the machine does it’s job. To shred the same amount through a traditional shredder would certainly take much longer.
      Did your bundle have various thicknesses of paper? That would propbably slow it down. Shredding for the rated 10 minutes should just about get you through your 100 sheets if they are standard copy paper sheets.

  3. I bought one of these shredders for our office after our previous one died. It worked great for a couple of months. It no longer does anything. I will be contacting rexel to get a replacement, hopefully it was just a dud.

  4. Hi Adrian,

    Sounds unusual for your machine to be doing that.

    You may want to try cleaning around where the cutters and sensors are, (open the lid, its where it sucks the paper in) occasionally a build up of paper/dust particles can block the paper sensor – which can prevent it from recognising there is paper there to shred. This could be the reason your shredder has stopped shredding.

    You can clean around it by using a small brush and perhaps blowing some air (by mouth or hairdryer) to remove any particle build-up around the sensor.

    If that still doesn’t work, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 366 376 (toll free) who will be more than happy to help you out

    Good luck and we hope to have you back to your shredding in no time!


  5. I have a unit here in UK . Shreds great but the autostop doesn’t do what it says. I have to to turn it off manually. Any thoughts on how to solve the problem?

    • I would suggest, after you have given the sensor a good clean, and making sure there is no other little bits stuck anywhere, you take the shredder back to where you made the purchase.

      Rexel,globally, are fantastic on after sales service. These have a 2 year warranty, so a change over should be automatic. Certainly here in Australia there would not be an issue to have it replaced with a new one.

    • Hello Oratavamann, your Auto+ 100 might have a sensor issue not turning off when the shredding is finished, please contact your dealer and reqyest that the shredder is beeing replaced by a new one under warranty. You can refer to me if needed. In the meantime this issue has been resolved since may 2011.
      Gerard Verbeek
      EMEA Technical product manager

  6. Hi Lissanne,
    I have wanted one of these shredders since I read this review last year. I have finally purchased one this week. I have set up a small home office recently and have been buying those items that I have had my eye on for while. Thanks for recommending it!

  7. They are great aren’t they Peta. The Rexel Auto Shredder range has fairly recently expanded into even higher capacity – right up to 500 sheets. So you can put an entire ream of paper in the shredder, close the lid and let the shredder shred away, while you go and do your stuff. They have certainly caught the other shredder manufacturers on the hop.

    • Hi Lynette, sounds like something’s blocked – check with your retailer or visit your product info book re servicing. They might be able to trouble shoot over the phone, you never know! Good luck

  8. Hi Lynette – Rexel are fantastic with after sales so if there is anything wrong, the retailer will be able to have it replaced straight away. I would be straight on the phone now and getting it organised.

  9. I had my new Rexel Auto+100 today and put in the tray 50 A4 size sheet and it took exactly 5 minutes or 6 seconds per one paper. Too slow but the beauty is “Feed it and forget it”. Noise level is adequate and far better than other machines. Now my question is: Is it OK to shred A5 sheet. If yes. how do you position the A5 size sheets in the tray. The other question is: What sort of oil is required for lubricating the blades and how often do you that.

    • Hi John

      A5 paper can be loaded any way you like, it will shred fine. With regards to oiling the blades, check your manual, it will give you all the deets. I’m just an organiser, not a shredder expert!

  10. Hi Lissane,
    I have this great paper autofeed shredder type Rexel Auto+ 100x for personal use since a couple of years. Its reliable running until now, when its start making loud noises and runs real slow. I took it apart and found the following gears worn out:
    – Shredder Metal Cog Gear.
    – Plastic Cog Gear & Metal Shaft.
    Any idea where I can buy these gears online?
    Thank allot inadvance for your valued assistance.
    Kind regards.

    • Hello Jawad

      I don’t know about spare parts and am not a retailer.

      However, if you are in Australia, you can call ACCO on 1300 366 376.

      Let me know how you get on!

      PS I’m impressed you took it apart 🙂

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