Stuff can’t make you happy… or can it?

Last night, I signed on the dotted line for a new kitchen.  I am beyond excited. The current kitchen is original 1980 and poorly designed for the small space.  Small kitchens need careful planning and consideration to make everything work well.  Did I mention I am exited?

So it got me thinking, what stuff (goods and chattels, belongings, objects, toys, trinkets etc) have brought you joy?  What item have you been gleeful at purchasing? What’s given you shopper’s high?


11 responses to “Stuff can’t make you happy… or can it?

  1. While I certainly have my fair share of stuff, I find I don’t actually get very excited by shopping or even possessing. (I can window shop in a bookstore for hours on end, but that’s about the knowledge, not the acquisition.)

    The last thing I truly remember being unduly excited about was when our NAPO-Georgia chapter toured Rubbermaid’s headquarters and we were allowed to shop in their corporate store. I found an absolutely perfect Calphalon cheese plane for about $10. Maybe it’s because I love cheese (and “love” is a faint, timid word for my true devotion), or perhaps it’s because I’d had three very poor cheese planes over time, causing me undue annoyance, but I talked about that cheese plane the way some people talk about their new cars. Eating cheese (and peeling cucumbers, which, for some reason, is easier to do with a cheese plane than a veggie peeler) became enjoyable again. $10 eliminated the cringe factor. Yes. I’m aware I’m weird. 😉

    • Dear Cheese Lover

      Oh, I understand the Love. I too love cheese (salt, fat and carbohydrates are my three favourite food groups).

      Nothing like having the right tools for the job!

  2. Oh yes, I did get very excited about one purchase recently and I am still enjoying it immensely. My Kindle!!! I love it.. I am reading so many more books this year, and just love being able to think of a book and in less than a minute I have it downloaded ready to read. I love books too, the kind you can hold and browse, but these are ones with photographs etc and could never be replicated on an ebook. Retail therapy itself is disappointing though, unless you really need an item the effect wears off very quickly and it can add to your load of “stuff”.

  3. Enjoy the new kitchen.

    Have to admit its my new kitchen that is currently bringing joy. Like yours, my kitchen was early 1980s and poorly designed. We did a complete redesign which improved the food prep and storage areas. Its lovely for my DH and I to be able to cook together and not get under each others feet.

  4. Retail therapy – I do love it – when it fits a purpose however, not just for the sake of it. I have been recently transforming my baby girls room into a little girls room – it’s a bird theme. I already had the Queen Anne furniture which I had striped and repainted, along with the bird cage and a vinyl stick on tree for the wall and some floating shelves. What I really wanted was a bird house. I’d seen heaps online and instors but they were quite expensive and not quite authentic enough. I managed to pick one up from the Birdhouse Man at the local market for only $15. I love to decorate but on a budget and find that amazingly $2 shops, opp shops and markets are often the cheapest way to go.

  5. My biggest high – even a year later – is my ereader. It means I can still be an avid reader but start decluttering my bookshelves as soon as I can get the online version of my old favourites. And of course, I can carry a few hundred books in my handbag or backpack!

  6. I walked into a saddlery looking for a pair of jodphurs that were flattering, and didnt look like a tight pair of trackie dacks, but without paying an exorbitant price. I browsed the rack and found, right at the end, a denim pair, the right size, and half price.

    Part of the excitement was that I was back into riding, and had a good reason to buy them. The same applied when I went to replace my helmet.

    I was shopping in a supermarket and found a tablecloth marked at $2. Someone had messed up and put the wrong price tag on it (before the days of barcodes). It was supposed to be $7. Nice to find mistakes like that occasionally. I pointed it out to the checkout lady, who was forced to give it to me at the lower price because it was shop policy.

  7. I’m not much of a shopper, but I’m with Julie: Tools that work perfectly are a joy. That can be my CamelBak water bottle (sippy cups for adults, someone called them) or more expensive things like my shredder, my ScanSnap scanner, or my new MacBook.

    It sounds like your new kitchen fits into that category, too. Enjoy!

  8. I have a buyers high from purchasing a new iPhone! My first piece of great technology. The best feature? Reading the SORTED! Word press blog on the tram to work!

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