What’s in your bag?

Does what we carry in our handbag, briefcase or day pack say anything about us?  Or is it random?

It’s a bit like dreams.  Some theorise that dreams are “our minds getting rid of junk”, others think our nighttime dreamings are hearty psychological fodder.  Baggage versus bulls**t.

What do you think? Are the contents of our bag revealing or boring? What’s the most unusal or strange item you’ve ever carried around?


6 responses to “What’s in your bag?

  1. strangest thing i have ever had in my hand bag was a round meteorite rock in its own little leather bag….loooooooooooooong story !! Strange but true! HA

  2. Not only the contents of a bag, but how it changes over time. I used to carry a comb with me everywhere, in my pocket if I didn’t have a bag, and used it too. Felt naked without one. But now while I still carry a foldable hairbrush, I rarely use it.
    My bag holds CDs (different ones each week, to play in the car), torch, tissues, wallet, brushes, staff pass, phone, nail clippers, tweezers (always get splinters when out and about for some reason), pens, notebooks, address book, bum bag, asthma spray, headache tablets, mirror, and an Avon screwdriver that comes apart to reveal four different types. Nothing unusual there.
    Strangest item? made some plaits out of wool, tied them to a cap with a propellor on top, took it to work and later wore it. Don’t ask 🙂

  3. That’s a very good question! Just last week I felt I was carrying around to much stuff in my work backpack. So on Friday night I took everything out, washed the bag and repacked it for a lighter commute to work. While I didn’t find anything unusual THAT time, I remember, when I was in my early 20’s, finding an old dry chicken bone in my back pack. I don’t know how long it had been there, but I’m sure it was quite a long time.

  4. I always carry a small cup in my handbag – Qantas red is my favourite. I use this for having a quick drink of water wherever possible from a tap. I don’t believe in cluttering the earth with unnecessary bottled water or bottles. And I would be without my small head-torch. Both items indispensable for me.

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