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  1. The fact that hired storage exists for more than people moving house only points to imho our need for more material things. Its the old “keeping up with the Jones’s”. I paid the price for keeping stuff “just in case” the other day, when an old bottle of kero perished and leaked onto a wooden shelf in the shed. It still smells blech. And it was kept “just in case”.
    To me, if a shop around the corner stocks what you might need, use it when you need that item.

  2. Yes, the old “just in case” is a dangerous trap. Sorry to hear of your old bottle of kero story. I’ve heard of similar happening with items going mouldy and being infested with bugs (not at a self store place, I should add).

    One woman I know hired a self storage space and it flooded (not Kennards, I should add). She had trouble claiming any insurance as her goods were “stored at her own risk”. Can you imagine?!

  3. The items the ad’ proposes we store – the skies, the oddly matched billiard balls, the golf clubs all smacks of impulse bought items with the intention of pursuing our hobbies of ‘one day’ being a great skier/golfer/snooker player when actually all we end up doing is forgetting about it, watching boring TV and spending our free time tripping over this junk in the garage. Then apparently our sporting goods next outting should be to a storage shed. If you bought it, hardly used, get rid of it and rethink the patterns of behaviour/spending habits which caused such a pile of junk!

  4. Great comment, Mark! It reminds me of the theory that we often hang on to items based on who we want to be (fit and health, skinnier) rather than who we actually are (eg couch potato).

  5. I know that I winced the first time I saw that ad. What a great message – don’t get rid of unecessary items; just store them and waste money as well as space.

    If you’re not using something freqently enough to keep them in the house then perhaps they are not really necessary. It would need a large family worth of skis or golf clubs to warrant hiring space to store them.

    My current approach to choosing to keep an item or pass it on – think about packing for a house move; do I really want to pack & unpack this object? It really helps in the decision making process.

      • I ask myself exactly the same thing: do I use/love this item enough that I could be bothered taking it with me in a move? It’s so easy to just keep things because they are already there (a sort of ‘item inertia’, perhaps?), but that question really helps me to re-evaluate.

  6. Has anyone watched the US show Hoarders? I watched two episodes, and it was a bit repetitive, so I stopped. But it pointed out that some people have a bond with their stuff, an emotional attachment. Even if it leads potentially to ill health (eating old perishable foods, creating havens for vermin, threat of eviction), they seem to feel safer with stuff around them. They fight to keep it all. Sad in a way, and sad that self storage companies seem to feed off that.
    In a self storage unit the items are out of sight and out of mind. But still yours.

    • Yes, I’ve seen many of those episodes and also know the Professional Organisers who feature. It’s true that hoarding can cause health issues and is a complex mental health issue.

      So we’ve discussed the down side of self-storage, but when is it a huge bonus? When does it work really well?

      • A comment on Naomi’s comment, that we get used to seeing things around and ignore them after a while. It takes a concerted effort to stop, look around a room, or in a cupboard, and decide “do I really need to keep that?”
        When is self storage a huge bonus? When moving house and you have to vacate your place but cannot move into the new place yet.
        Pending decisions (waiting on someone else to decide). Messy cases like divorce, deceased estates, moves to nursing homes.
        Building a new shed at home.

  7. All good advice but you need to have the time to sort thru the stuff in the first place!
    There are definatly cupboards in my home that Id LOVE to sort thru and throw lots of it out, but I just never have that spare day to do it. Every week I think ‘maybe next week will be less busy”
    AND before you say it, I know I have to schedule the time into my week, but family, work, & study (just to name 3) take priority (as they should). Im working towards trying to do it in the school holidays…….wish me luck.
    Mum of 4

  8. I kept a storage unit for two years when deciding where to live and was pleased when a friend moved in nearby and needed lots of basics to set up from scratch. It was long overdue and felt great to clean out. I took the few things I wanted, put lots in the bin then the storage people organised for a charity to deal with the rest. What a relief! I felt unburdened. Only two small things I regret leaving and that is for purely sentimental reasons.

    Now I just clutter under one roof! My decision protocol now is “would I pay $1 for this at an op shop?”

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