What do you mean by hands on organising?

If you’ve never worked with a Professional Organiser,  you would wonder what “hands on” organising actually means.

Joel kindly allowed me to film some of our session when we sorted his 2 BDR apartment out.  He was in the midst of significant change:

  • his long term GF was soon to move in, nice!  She needed some extra storage beyond the master bedroom.
  • he was about to leave his full time job and start his own business.
  • so, his ‘office’ area squeezed into the living room now needed to be relocated to the spare room.

Problem was, the spare room was filled with all kinds of items: furniture, books, games, an air cooler, memorabilia, linen… you name it, it had been squeezed into the only spare space in the apartment.

Time for a make over!  We needed to make space for a home office.

In little over an hour, SORTED! founder, Lissanne Oliver (that’s me), helped Joel make decisions about what needed to stay, go, or be relocated to create a fresh new start for his new life and new live in love.


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