Overwhelmed and overscheduled? The best advice ever from organising expert, Peter Walsh

I just watched a genius episode of Oprah, and there was some golden advice from organising expert, Peter Walsh. I know so many of you would benefit from the five things Peter suggests for you to get back on track.  I’ve been sharing some of these concepts with in snippets via my newsletter, but Peter has a much firmer, clearer plan for you all laid out.  I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to read the following and click the links. And then, of course, actually follow his brilliant advice.

Straight from www.oprah.com:

Overwhelmed, unorganized and out-of-touch. If any of this describes your family, it’s time to slow down, clear out the clutter and take back your family with Peter Walsh’s Stripped Down Challenge.

Between schedules that pull you every which way, a growing dependence on technology and the stress of daily life, it’s easy to let your life consume you. Now, it’s time to be the change in your household and provide the best life possible for your family. “The whole idea of stripping that stuff out of the house starts to get you back in touch with your home, which is so important,” Peter says. “Get the family back connected with each other.”

All you need is one week and Peter’s six Stripped Down Challenge rules. Get started!

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