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This isn’t an article about organising or decluttering, but it does feature friend of SORTED!, Female Comedian Corinne Grant.

Corinne has scribed a powerful piece on gender in comedy Professional comedian: gender has nothing to do with it. I urge you to check it out!  The friend who forwarded it said “Gotta love the Corinne”.  I think we need that on a t-shirt.

If you’re not familiar with Corinne’s book, Confessions of a Hoarder: Lessons in Letting Go, it’s a FANTASTIC book about her struggle with “stuff”. Jan said: I bought the book on Monday the second it was released and finished it a day later, I couldn’t put it down. Buy it, read it, pass it on! So many of us can learn from Corinne’s experiences. She writes amusing and enlightened prose that I truly related to. Thanks Corinne.

You might be interested to also read the revealing interview I did with her.

We have signed copies of her book at our web store and you might enjoy the chapter that features me (Lissanne) as her “personal organiser”. It was an honour to make it into her book!

Sorry I made you fuzzy in this pic, Corinne!


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