A spooky coincidence?

Yesterday, the 18th of April, my shredder stopped working.  From memory, I knew I’d purchased it about three years ago, so that’s pretty good value for some very regular use.  My last shredder also lasted 3 years (same brand as current one).

Being the organised soul that I am, I went to the place I store my equipment manuals to discard the manual… and look. what. I. found.  OMG!  Three years to the day since I purchased and first used the shredder.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


6 responses to “A spooky coincidence?

  1. This is kind of like how so many things on cars go wrong within days of the warranty ending. But good for you for having the exact date noted, so that if your shredder had died before its warranty ended, you’d have recourse. Yay for the organized! (Or, in your case, organised.)

    That said, I’m far more concerned about how we expect things to only last a little while. 3 years for a shredder? I must be painfully frugal (14 year old car, 10 year old Brother label maker) because the idea of my shredder (now in year six or seven of daily use) conking out would make me cranky. Heck, I’m angry on your behalf that YOURS only lasted three years.

    May your next shredder stick around much longer! 🙂

  2. Hey Julie, thanks for stopping by! I’m ok with the 3 year old giving up the ghost, it’s had a HEAP of work on a daily basis, and I was considering upgrading to a more industrial model.

    You’ve done well out of your car and label maker, good on you. I do agree with your comment re being a disposable society though. I’d much rather own a better quality item for a long time, alas, we are often forced by manufacturers to settle for less.

  3. I had to buy a new washing machine about 6 months ago, after my 35 year old Simpson Minimatic died. The washing machine repair man told me it was made by Malleys and they went out of business because their machines never wore out! When I went shopping for a new one, the sales staff talked up the new washer on the basis that it would last 10-15 years, not just 5-8 years like other models on the market.

    While I’m here… Lissanne, could you please elaborate on your system for storing equipment manuals, warranty info and assocatied receipts, etc. I’ve tried a few ways but not really happy with any of them so far.

  4. Hey Jane… 35 years is IMPRESSIVE! love it! How sad for Malleys.
    There is no right or wrong way to store equipment manuals. depending on the volume you can:
    •use a big plastic bag or folder
    •use a magazine holder (must be solid)
    •use a shoe box or similar box

    I use a bankers type box – a box with a flip lid. I have one for office manuals and one for household. I think I bought it at smiggle years ago.

    The bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter about the container. It matters that you can find the manuals, warranties and proof of purchase really easily!

    Organisation first, containerisation second.

  5. Well, well, well! My broken shredder was fixed today by a wonderful client – he’s clever and handy! I am very grateful… except I now have a new shredder! Hmmmmmmmm…… freecycle perhaps? Watch this space.

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