Keep Calm and Stay Sorted

You are probably super familiar with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” phenomenon.  This classic piece of design (artist unknown) was used during war time in Britain to remind peeps to stay sensible and keep focussed.  You can read all about the origins here and find products featuring the design at the same site.

Thanks to one of my favourite organisers,  Jeri Dansky, I’ve found a website, that will allow you to create your own poster so I wanted to share mine with you.. as a reminder, to stay sensible and keep focussed.  Tee hee hee!


One response to “Keep Calm and Stay Sorted

  1. On a recent overseas trip (my first) toured Churchill’s War Cabinet Rooms and bought a mug featuring this logo (well the original one, not Lissanne’s take on it !) As I work in Records it seemed quite appropriate. Tried to employ Lissanne’s travel tips re packing with some success – still took too many clothes but had a great time. Most interesting to read the history of this iconic logo. Regards Bronwyn

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