Free help for hoarders

Are you are hoarder who needs help?  I may have just the solution you need!

I am looking for a hoarder who is ready and willing to get his/her home cleaned out, as well as share his/her story on national television. In return, you would be helping many other people who are struggling with this condition and would get the hands on help you need out at no charge. Where possible, the items you let go of would would be recycled and or donated to charity.  This opportunity comes thanks to a recycling company who wish to promote their services.

UPDATE:  There is now a second television opportunity beyond the one above, and it’s a very different type of presentation.  This project is far more of a documentary style project.

Both projects do involve being public though.

If you would like to know more, please contact me toll free on 1300 7678 13.


UPDATE 2012:  This offer is no longer current.


9 responses to “Free help for hoarders

  1. my father lives in five dock,when ACAT[aged care assessment team]visited dad I heard words like ‘we don’t come to houses like this everyday’can I take a photogragh?they decided not to provide services for my father as they deem the house an OHS risks.My father is 78 yeARS brother has told me not to contact him anymore,atho I think its because he doesnt want to be contacted to volunteer to clean.More than 10 years my father has relied on his children to clean up his house for free.At the moment I cant bring myself to help my dad as my father has resorted to cats to rid of the rats!

  2. I have actually just begun the process of helping my mother who, just this last week, has been able to admit out loud to my dad that she is a hoarder! It is going to be a long hard process to get through all her “stuff”. It will only be me helping out :0( I WISH she would volunteer for such a project but alas…there is no chance of that. Lisanne if we are in these situations and we know our family members need help on more than a physical level to orgainze in order to beat their hoarding, where can we seek specialised psychological help for them to deal with the issues that triggered the hoarding? My mother has admitted she needs psychological assistance, surely there must be people who have a special interest in these cases? A list would be a fantastic resource for many I’m sure :0)

  3. Hey Melanie, that is a great question.

    In terms of seeking specialised assistance, the first stop should be your family doctor. He or she can then make a referral to a phsychiatrist or psychologist. There are mental health professionals who can assist with hoarding, OCD, anxiety, compulsive shopping etc but it will also be a matter of having the correct diagnosis too.

    If you or your family are interested in self assessment and resources, you can try the ICD, The Institute for Challenging Disorganisation.
    http://www.challengingdisorganization. There you can find the Clutter Hoarding Scale (CHS), which lists symptoms of hoarding on levels from I – IV. I is moderate and 5 is severe. Now, the CHS is being updated, so you will only find the old version there. If you wait a week or more, hopefully the 2011 version will be released soon. I have a hard copy from attending the NAPO conference recently, and it’s more detailed, clearer to use, and also gives you an idea of recommended practitioners for each level, eg, Professional Organisers, PO’s with ICD training, Mental health practitioners etc.

    I have been studying with the ICD and am now the holder of a Level 1 certificate of study in Chronic Disorganisation. So you will see there is also Chronic Disorganisation as well as Hoarding!

    The ICD also has a list of resources, most are free, downloadable and will include recommended reading lists.

    One book you might want to check out is Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding by Doctors David F. Tolin, Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee. I believe they have also writted a workbook to accompany it too.

    I wish you the very best of luck and hope the above resources are useful.

    • Thanks so much for the suggestions Lisanne. I will certainly look into the ICD to see roughly where I think she is on the scale, before passing the info to her. I know a lot of her problems have arisen due to relationship issues and where she just used to hoard, she is now more finacially secure and so there is an issue with compulsive shopping also that needs to be addressed. The book Buried Treasures, would that be helpful to myself as a family member for techniques in helping her realise what is of value and what is not? Also there is a LOT of craft and hobby relate items she has aquired in the hope she will be able to get back to that one day :0)…is there also a resource to enable us to direct some of those items to the best places that could utilise them? We have relatives working for a charity organisation over here in WA and I know a lot of the stuff that comes thru is acquired by the staff before it even leaves the sorting warehouse. It would be a shame for some of these items to not be used for their intended purpose and some a specialised such as part works magazines on Art History and Art Techniques. Thanks for your time :0)

  4. My mothers wife is an extreme hoarder and needs help bad, she refuses to get rid of anything because she thinks its all she has left to conect her to her dead relatives. She has had 3 family members pass away and leave her there house with everything inside and kelly ahas managed to keep everything and just sell the family members house. the rooms in the house are PACKED the garage is packe floor to ceiling and the basement as well, they have pathways threw the mess. its 4 bedrooms upstairs and the two they use are barely useable. my 1 year old neice lives there with them and her bedroom is packed as well. if emergecy services had to ever get in there it would be nearly impossible… she really needs help. my mom loves her but cant stand living there, its causing marital problems among other things. please help.

    -Stepdaughter of a Hoarder

  5. I am a hoarder myself. I am not quite as bad yet as those you see on TV, but as I work full time I am overwhelmed by the volume of what needs to be done. We are short on funds, as DH has faced cancer and we have medical debt from that, plus his business tanked when the home market tanked, and he has been out of work for a long time and only works sporadically now. We are a two income couple trying to make it on one income and not doing it. We qualify for nothing, it seems. I have no money to pay those who help clean out, and don’t know what to do. I am trying to work on it, but I have so little time that it is just overwhelming. I don’t know where to turn and have despaired of getting it done. I have allergies and asthma, fibromyalgia and constant pain, so getting things done is difficult, period.

  6. Hi there,
    Is this still available? I am pregnant and about to move in with my father in Glenbrook blue mountains. He is well educated, funny and a hoarder. He has just found out he has diabeties and wants too turn his life around but is finding it difficult too start. I think he would be open too this idea. A year ago he told me he found rat babies in the kitchen draw! If this is finished can you please let me know where I can find the episode

  7. I have been trying to help a lady I just met a month ago, but, OMG, she is driving me mad. I too was starting to be on the road to hoardville, but,this has open my eyes even more, I could give all but my basic needs, favorite things and pets and be ok, I know possessions don’t fill you. She is a good lady with heart of gold, but, she will not stay out of trash and it is just almost hopeless and she could loose her home. She lashes out and just makes a mess as soon as a spot is cleared and I am wanting to help her but she takes offense at the smallest of things and bitches nonstop, while wasting five or more hours a day on phone smoking. She need professional help and I have to try to help some way other than cash and me cleaning for her, this would take forever, but she may let go of stuff if she had some mental health care and guidance. I am frustrated, others who have help wont speak to her or come back to help and if she doesn’t get help she will be in trouble and alone, due to her lack of respect, bad manners and awful attitude. I just can’t do this when I need to help my house because I don’t want to end up in the me boat she is in now. I see your show has wrapped but if you know of Anything that could help, it is not worth it to me to try to do this without professional help for her and her home….I see this is too far gone to do with out outside help. Thank you for your time.
    , Sincerely,
    Keely Hall, Niceville, Fl. 850-502-6352

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