Kerbside recycling results in arrest

You are probably familiar with your councils hard rubbish collection service. Most councils offer a free collection once or twice a year.  You may not be aware that once you’ve booked your collection and placed the items on the kerbside, they then belong to the council. Ownership is transferred at that point. So, all that “skip dipping” and “hard waste shopping” is actually illegal. By law, it’s stealing.

Well, here’s a tragic story from The Age today – some poor bugger was ARRESTED for ‘stealing’ a vaccuum cleaner from a cache of hard rubbish by the road.  WTF?!  Seriously, don’t the Police, and the council, have bigger and better things to worry about?
Have you ever gotten into strife for taking something that’s been “put out to the universe”? Or have you been ticked off for putting items on the footpath?  I know sometimes we have no intention of calling the council, but realise some good, healthy recycling will go down in a very short period of time – particularly if you live near a university!!

(And don’t get me started on actual hard rubbish being dumped in public places – seeing so much e-waste like old televisions does my head in.  It’s called lazy, people!  Common sense prevails – no-one wants your busted old dinosaur of a TV or crappy old mattress.)

2 responses to “Kerbside recycling results in arrest

  1. There’s “technically” and then there is “practical.” Better for these items to stay out of landfill if possible, for lots of reasons.
    My (late) partner scavenged from the local tip, where amazing things end up. Only in the larger tips is it worthwhile setting up a shop and having staff to scavenge, stock and sell, or scrap (brass, batteries, aluminium cans, car bodies).
    Canberra apparently has “second hand sundays” where you register your address and leave items on the kerb for others to take if they so desire. Seems to work well. Makes it official and not a crime.

  2. And then there’s the other side of the issue – recycling night in our neighbourhood draws out packrats who come and ransack our bins for cans and bottles (in SA they have a set refund value). I don’t like the idea of people actually opening my bin and going through it, and of late they’ve even started coming onto the property (we’re in flats) to help themselves. They also come around midnight and are really noisy clanking their cans when collecting and loading them into their cars.

    Even if there’s no cans or bottles in there, they still ransack the bins to be sure.

    Local council says there’s nothing they can do. A part of me admires their ingenuity in the extra cash, but mostly I’m frustrated by the invasion into my privacy!

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