Come to organising conference in America!

If you’re an organiser, or considering being an organiser, I encourage you to consider attending the National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO) annual conference next month. I’ve attended their conference in the USA most years since 2008, and it’s mind blowingly GREAT!  668 delegates attended last year, and they had some things to say about what they liked; I think you’ll find it useful.  Here’s what they said:

  • Furthering my education as well as connecting with others and finding out the types of work they do and how they do it.
  • The energy! the inspiration! The expo was really good and having food in there was a great idea for networking and speaking to the vendors. Food was very good too!
  • The vast array of sessions material – I wanted to go to all of them! It was a great conference and well thought out on all levels. Thank you!
  • Inspiring, networking and time to reflect on the direction of my business.
  • Getting together with other organizers and learning about marketing and niche organizing businesses.
  • Networking – the friendliness of everyone.
  • I liked the fact that if I registered for a class and found it not to be to my liking I could take in another class.
  • At the beginning of the conference the idea of openly meeting & conversing with new people is mentioned. This sets a fabulous tone for the entire conference that is not found at other business conferences. It is what allows for awesome networking, a general non-competitive openess, and gaining new friends. Keep it up.
  • Meeting other organizers, all the education, seeing product in person at the Expo.
  • Loved having breakout session slides/outlines in advance!!! cannot stress this enough. every session i took was like gold – put to use in my business immediately. i look at my conf folder almost every day, not the case w/ that huge book from years past.
  • Content rich presentations, meeting face to face other org. sharing info.
  • The whole atmosphere of meeting and talking with other organizers from around the world.
  • The phenomenal caliber of the attendees and presenters.
  • The sessions and networking with other organizers of all levels of business.
  • Location, schedule, number of workshops, meeting other organizers around the WORLD.
  • Fantastic selection of workshop topics and general session presenters. Felt all my educational needs were met.
  • Meeting experienced organizers…they were VERY encouraging!
  • The People! And thanks for the conference buddies – that was wonderful for me as a first timer!
  • Also, thanks for all the food. It helped reduce the out of pocket on meals.
  • Being with so many other organizers and getting such great information and resources – all in one place!

Meet up with hundreds of other organisers from ALL OVER THE WORLD in San Diego next month.  Click here to check out the Conference brochure and registration details. Register TODAY (Mon March 7th) and take advantage of the Early Bird discount (a decent saving). see update below: early bird registration extended.

I can’t wait to be in sunny San Diego at the NAPO 2011 Annual Conference… it’s a very worthwhile investment in my career and professional development. If you want to check out future conference dates and locations, visit NAPO.


4 responses to “Come to organising conference in America!

  1. UPDATE: The Early Bird deadline for registration has been extended to Thursday, March 31st. You can still register before this date to take advantage of discounted registration fees.

  2. Now that I see the feedback you posted here from last year’s NAPO Conference, it really proves the point that there’s something of value for everyone who attends- I personally love exploring the new products and vendors at the Expo, and I always come home refreshed, invigorated and having made new connections.

    Lissanne, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person in San Diego – and thrilled to know you find it worth the schlep – hope you’ll bring a posse of your colleagues from down unda along with you!

  3. Hey Kate! Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you too.

    I confess I got really excited reading the feedback too. It’s all true – some much value in such a short time. Formal and informal education all at once. See ya soon!

  4. For those who may be interested in locations and dates for upcoming years:

    2012 is Baltimore (late March)
    2013 is New Orleans (mid April)
    2014 is Phoenix, Arizona (late May)
    2015 is Los Angeles, California (mid April)
    2016 is Atlanta, Georgia (mid May)

    Hard to pick… I might have to go to them all!

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