Best ways to use corner cupboards

Corner cupboards are problematic:  things get lost, items are difficult to reach.  Most corner cupboards are found in the kitchen although audio visual units, bookcases and bedrooms often feature them.

What do you think the best way to use a corner cupboard?  What should you store there, how and why?

My favoured techniques are:

  1. don’t use the space at all- who says a problematic space has to be used?
  2. use a lazy susan (with a slight lip or edge so items don’t fall off), or
  3. bundle things into a container for ease of removal.  Works best for items that aren’t regularly used eg seasonal items like picnic, party or baking supplies.

What other ideas have you tried and tested?  What works and what doesn’t?


10 responses to “Best ways to use corner cupboards

  1. My kitchen was designed so it has no corner cupboards, altho the cupboard at the end is near the stove, so a little bit of a challenge to get into. The builder put a hinge on it that lets the door open back flat though, which helps. The other corner along that wall contains the hot water system.

    So if you are lucky enough to be part of the design process, whether new house or reno, state what you want. You may be able to avoid corner cupboards altogether.

  2. We’re just about to start the kitchen reno process and have two corner cupboards.

    We’re pretty sure we can eliminate one corner with clever construction of an additional cupboard that opens out on to the opposite site (its in the breakfast bar and faces the dining room).

    For the other, which backs on to the external wall and bathroom we’re looked at a number of different options – lazy Susans (gee I hate that word for obvious reasons), corner drawers, a slide out shelving system, along with the obvious keeping it there with a piano hinged door. I must admit we’re sticking with the keeping it there and using it to put in stuff we don’t use all the time. Our basic reason for this is we still don’t entirely trust the engineering and long term wear and tear of the alternatives (even looking at Blum fittings).

    While we know we have the money for this reno now, we also know that it will probably be a long time before we renovate this space again. We don’t want to be in the situation where we can’t use a cupboard or storage system because its ‘broken’, a shelf in a cupboard rarely breaks. Yes we are chicken but this is a big investment for us.

  3. (not lazy) Susan… I love all these ideas and am a massive fan of the opening-on-the-other-side-cupboard. Too easy!

    Agree that good quality fittings take the pain out (thank you Blum!) and also that investing TIME and THOUGHT into the design will save you buckets in the long term. Kudos to you, girlfriend!!

    Please keep us posted on the before and after photos!

  4. I love what Emily did to her pantry. But I wonder about transferring food to other containers. How do you handle use-by dates? And are some foods better staying in their original packaging, if you can successfully seal it back up?

  5. I’m in the bundle it in a container minority here. I have 4 large washing baskets that i have all my tupperware containers in, one for lids one for bases, thats the top of the corner cupboard, One slides in sideways to the back the other goes in longways at the front. Its no drama to access, just pull out the front one and slide the back one forward, take the container out, put back the front one and take the lid out of it. easy

    the bottom shelf of the corner cupboard has the same arrangement but at the back this time are flour sifter/ baking trays etc that hardly get used, because you have to use more effort to get in here.

    and the front container on that shelf has the baking paper, freezer bags, etc.

    It works really well for me – especially as you can’t really stack tupperware without having to rebuild it all when you sort through it to find something if its in normal shelves.

    What an essay !!

  6. We have recently built a house and a lot of thought went into the design of the kitchen. We have a U shaped Island and we installed the Hafele ‘Le Mans’ shelving system at the two corners. I love it.

    As opposed to the lazy susan, these shelves come right out of the cupboard for very easy access. There isn’t too much complicated engineering involved and I use it for a lot of round items & all the plastic items that don’t seem to fit or stay tidily anywhere else. There is a metal railing so items don’t fall off. Max weight is approx 30kgs per shelf.

    I am a Blum lover too but unfortunately they didn’t have an equivalent but Hafele are good too.

  7. We lived in apartment houses,downsizing from functonal houses. Kitchen had tiny cupboard doors yet ” space behind at right angles.Found using CD plastic holding cubes from Walmart wouldgo thru door space and could be stacked 3 deep in the crannies, holdiing spices, small cans, etc we seldom used. Labelled every bin, plus each shelf, and used small notebook to list items that ran out.
    A bit too complex for both husband and me.

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