An extra hour in your day?

If you could find, create, purchase or steal an extra hour in your day, what would you do with the time?


13 responses to “An extra hour in your day?

  1. Kari – I love that. I am halfway between old school and digi scrapping and have a bit of a lull as a result… an extra hour a day would get me finished the old school super fast!

  2. I “try” to send out weekly home challenge pages for my digital girls, so when you’re ready let me know if you’d like to be on that list – I’d love to be able to give you back something!

  3. Take more digital photos and learn how to use software to manipulate them. Or share them as is. It is creative, fun, interesting, challenging, and barely takes up any space. Cheap too after the initial camera purchase, especially if you are not into printing them all out, but instead keep them on CDs, email them to others, make them into online jigsaw puzzles.

  4. I would use the time to Craft at the moment I would sew, but I also have CM scrapbooking projects to do and cross stitching.

    I need to declutter at the moment too. Did the Tupperware cupboard this morning, plan on using some of the extras in the craft cupboard.

  5. I would use the time to do more exercise and get fitter so that I am able to do all the other things I enjoy doing.

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