My top three tips for decluttering

I’ll be on ABC local radio (nationally) tonight at 6:30pm… my top three decluttering tips for the new year!  To find your local station, visit ABC’s website


6 responses to “My top three tips for decluttering

  1. Grandpa Jon!

    I am so sorry, I should have said that the interview will be on at AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). It is 6pm now, so I’m only half an hour away… so to speak!

    For you, in west coast America, I think it’s 11pm now, so just hang about for the next 40 minutes x

    • You could accesss the interview online by accessing the Australian Broadcasting Corp. and load the local streaming station. I was able to listen but could not save it for play.

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t receive the blog update until today – far too late.

    I’ve searched the ABC radio website and could not find a link to this edition of the program. Has anyone else had any luck finding it? A link would be appreciated if you have.

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