What did you get for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza?

Are you already busy off-loading your unwanted gifts on ebay?  Or perhaps you’re selling your unwanted  gift cards at a site like www.cardlimbo.com.au.  Maybe you’ve already earmarked items for charity.

I’d love to know the result of your get-togethers: did you score items you loved, wanted and neeeded? Or are you overwhelmed with things that are hmmm.. ok… but only just?  What about the gifts you gave?  Do you think they were well received?

3 responses to “What did you get for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza?

  1. I got sudoku toilet paper, which is useful and good for a laugh even if I never do a puzzle. Tea towels – always seem to end up with a tea towel, and they are handy, but you can end up with too many. A model horse – I collect them, so that was fine. soap – again, you can have too much, but it keeps for years and doesnt take up much space. a wind-up torch – brilliant. no more searching for good batteries in the dark. Diary – good. CD – probably donate that as its not my type of music. chocolate – always welcome. And money – great.

    I gave puzzle books to my (disabled) mother, and pens. its all she can do these days. two ornaments for her to look at in the nursing home. Jigsaw puzzle for my puzzle mad nephew. calendars, soaps, books. My family have no emotion, so I cant tell if they were appreciated or not :-).

    I sometimes fill a laundry basket with household stuff for my sister – she is not well off, so appreciates the good quality toothpaste, laundry powder, etc. Stuff that is non perishable. Not actually a gift as much as a care package.

    One donation, nothing going on ebay 🙂

  2. I was really cranky on Christmas Day when DH gave me a pair of bird ornaments but I smiled sweetly and thanked him for his thought since he knows I like watching these particular native birds when they come and sit in my bottlebrushes.

    But, I mean, doesn’t he know that I have spent much time and energy decluttering getting rid of things I would put in this category?

    Then when I calmed down a little (no he doesn’t know how I feel – please don’t tell him) I realised that this was purchased with love and he had considered my likes. So I have decided that these two little birdies will be my ‘smile’ birdies – not on display but ‘hidden’ amongst the cupboards and shelves in my home, the sort of places where I might find them unexpectedly and smile.

    He also gave me a pasta maker which is something I had asked for.

  3. I have the most hideous wallet. I asked for movie vouchers or books (specific author) and I got a wallet, which is far too big for my uses or tastes.

    I also received a Kitchen Aid mixer, which I love. Now what to do with a wallet? Hmmm I don’t really want to hurt her feelings, but I am not a surfie chick! (It’s Rip Curl.)

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