What is clutter?

What is clutter?  How do you define it?  How do you describe it?


10 responses to “What is clutter?

  1. Clutter is “too much”, “more than necessary or aesthetically desirable”. Of course, like beauty, clutter is often in the eye of the beholder because what one person might call clutter another person might call homely.

  2. Clutter is not only physical, it is mental and emotional. It is often an outer representation of an inner state, and sometimes one can clear the physical clutter, but unless one deals with the inner state which caused it in the first place, then it will often accumulate again. It is the need to find the space mentally, emotionally and physically that gives the freedom from clutter. Ever checked out the clutter that is in your mind?

  3. Clutter is the items at someone else’s house. At your place, its not clutter :-). Only kidding, although there is an element of truth in it. Clutter is like a weed, which is a plant in the wrong spot. Clover in the paddock? Wonderful and should be encouraged. Clover in the garden bed? Weed and should be removed and discouraged from returning.

  4. CLutter is the stuff with no home, that is so hard to pack when moving house! (guess what we did a few weeks back)

    We have already found homes for most of the “stuff” we use, but I hate that stuff/crap that makes the last few days so hard.

    I am applying all kinds of “rules” to it, haven’t used it in over 12 months, probably don’t need it. have 12 of them, and it isn’t disposable, probably don’t need that many of them. Could something be handled more effectively in a different manner, then change it.

    the only thing I am a little sad about over the last few weeks was I had to bite the bullet and buy a filing cabinet. now I own my own business, and work in it full time from home, I have a much larger amount of paper clutter. I haven’t found a more efficient method for dealing with paper clutter, and not even the fact it is a very sexy red colour can remove the fact it is a goddam filing cabinet.

  5. CathieC, why not use folders? Lisanne suggests that in her Sorted book for personal papers. Can’t see why it wouldnt work for business papers, and it would look neat and tidy on a bookcase.

  6. Filing cabinets can work well for the right user…. many peeps love them, I just think for most peeps they can be hard work and we needn’t be that traditional. Thanks for the reminder of folders though Robin!

  7. To me clutter is anything that doesn’t harmonize with it’s surroundings. If it looks out of place find an appropriate place. If you can’t think of one maybe the item isn’t right for you.

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