Check out what I’m up to in my spare time

I had so much fun creating this video!  Watch out for more videos soon! (and feel free to comment here or on YouTube if you like).  If you can’t see the content above – click here to view


9 responses to “Check out what I’m up to in my spare time

  1. Hi Lissanne,
    Yesterday I registered to receive your monthly newsletter/email and today I received it. It was as though you had written it just for me, and no, not because it said “Dear Lyndal” but because when you wrote those 4 gentle reminders, you were definitely talking about me! Thank you! I have printed them out to remind myself gently. I am very much looking forward to purchasing your book and getting sorted! Paper clutter is my problem, and hopefully I will be able to sort it out soon!

  2. Ha ha! Love your ‘Undie Folder’ clip Lissanne! Does this mean I can stop folding my undies now? Great to see you busting myths about Professional Organising with such humor — more please!

  3. What a shocker of a habit! I cannot think of a worst waste of time, except maybe ironing socks. My Auntie did that, and everything else!
    Great video Lissanne! Humour is always a great way to get the message across. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

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