9 responses to “Check out what I’m up to in my spare time

  1. Hi Lissanne,
    Yesterday I registered to receive your monthly newsletter/email and today I received it. It was as though you had written it just for me, and no, not because it said “Dear Lyndal” but because when you wrote those 4 gentle reminders, you were definitely talking about me! Thank you! I have printed them out to remind myself gently. I am very much looking forward to purchasing your book and getting sorted! Paper clutter is my problem, and hopefully I will be able to sort it out soon!

  2. Ha ha! Love your ‘Undie Folder’ clip Lissanne! Does this mean I can stop folding my undies now? Great to see you busting myths about Professional Organising with such humor — more please!

  3. What a shocker of a habit! I cannot think of a worst waste of time, except maybe ironing socks. My Auntie did that, and everything else!
    Great video Lissanne! Humour is always a great way to get the message across. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

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