Overwhelmed by downsizing

Sometimes, when we are overwhelmed with responsibilities and physical belongings,  it can be very difficult to know where to start.

If you need to downsize, take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time.  The thing you need to do is make decisions about larger items.

Make a list of all the larger items of furniture in your life eg, Dining table, bookcases, dresser, desk etc. Write down everything you can see or think of. Now, assess each item and it’s place in your new space.  You must have space for these items, or they need to go.  If there’s not room, make a note on how you will dispose of the item, sell, donate, or even agist (loan to a friend).

Next, move onto smaller items; books, videos, clothes, children’s toys etc. Do you want your new home to be full to the brim and crammed with things you “might need”?  I encourage you to be ruthless. You will feel cleansed and your load will be lightened.

Remember that your stuff is not you, they are simply objects you own. It’s healthy to let things go – particularly when they do not enrich your life.

Everything you keep from here on in needs to be LOVED NEEDED or USED. It needs to add value to your life.  No more “i might need it”, “just in case” or “it was special.. once”. You need to be firm. Consider a second hand dealer, e-bay, charity, friends or those in need to give your old belongings a new lease on life.

Call the op shop / thrift store and arrange a collection… remove the first bag of rubbish…. and make decisions about everything you own as you pack.  You can live happily and comfortably with less.

For advice on “storage solutions”, that’s a whole ‘nother post!

Remember, stuff first, storage second.


2 responses to “Overwhelmed by downsizing

  1. As someone who has used Lissanne’s services, and who moved to a much smaller house, I can highly recommend Lissanne’s suggestions.

    We have found we are able to get “rid” of stuff we don’t need, and to make intelligent decisions about things we no longer need anymore. We have just bought a home together, and the removalist quote is for less than a third of the previous price, as we have been able to be fairly ruthless.

    I will never forget the feeling when I told Kathryn I “needed” to keep something, and she said “Take a photo.” That and the realisation we were paying “real estate prices” for stuff, helped enormously.

    We know this move will be nice and easy (comparatively) and even though the house we are moving into is slightly bigger, wiht more cupboards than we know what to do with, we are still double checking everything we pack. If it isn’t bringing value to our lives, it goes. This has even made packing materials cheaper, as we don’t need as much.

    Good luck with the move. Thanks for everything you do and teach, Lissanne.

  2. Hey Cathie, that is lovely feedback, thank you so much.I am really glad we can help save you money too! It’s amazing that your moving quote was so much cheaper.

    Best wishes for the move!

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