Something to sort today: YOUR FRIDGE (part 2)

Ok, so you’ve sorted the outside of your fridge, now it’s time to sort the inside!

Working shelf by shelf, check EVERY ITEM in your fridge for the expiry date.  If it’s out of date, move it on. If you find yourself saying “I might use it” I can tell you – with some confidence – that you won’t.  Be ruthless!

Purging your fridge should be done super regularly.  I purge anything that needs chucking when I see it.  I do some quick revision before I shop for fresh groceries, and pull those items out to make one last meal.  Today, I made the most DELICIOUS soup from the ‘old’ stuff: onion, garlic, 2 small spuds, celery, stock and a small scoop or red lentils.  Was beautiful with some fresh coriander on top!

What’s your best “clean out the fridge” find or quick meal?


4 responses to “Something to sort today: YOUR FRIDGE (part 2)

  1. Old-ish vegies can be put into a slow cooker. Long slow cooking releases their flavour and you don’t realise their age. Quick to prepare, then leave it for 4-8 hours, and serve. Add potato, rice, pasta, lentils, or all of those, and its a one-pot meal.

    Garlic keeps longer than you think it should 🙂

    Cleaning out the fridge on bin night is a good idea too – get them gone in a short time, and less chance of a smelly bin all week. Ditto meat that is past its use-by date or is iffy.

  2. My favourite use of left-over (but not too old) vegetables is a stir-fry – it’s surprising how many vegetables work in one!

  3. Fridge pasta! We have it at least once a fortnight in our house. I use any veggies, bits of bacon or ham, and use wine or tin tomatoes to make it saucy – and use up any odd bits of cheese too 🙂

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