Something to sort today: YOUR FRIDGE

Take a look at the front of your fridge. Now take everything OFF the front and sides. Give it a wipe down, removing any bits of blu-tak, sticky tape or spilled food or drinks.

Now let’s deal with what you’ve taken off: the school notices, the kid drawings, the takeaway information, the scrappy photos….

Standing next to the bin, chuck out anything:

  • tatty
  • outdated
  • ugly
  • tiiiiiired.

If you can, only put back very little!  Maybe nothing at all?

I know you want to know what to do with those things that are “special” but you don’t want them back on the fridge?  They go to your memorabilia box (if you haven’t got one, start one).  But don’t chuck stuff in there by default, items really need to earn their keep.

It’s a 15 minute job.  Get to it!!
PS Send me your before and after photos and I will publish them here.  Best pic will win a prize.

UPDATE: Here’s Christina’s impressive entry:










I loved what Christina said, too:

I was not going to do this then I seriously looked at my fridge and realised that most of what was on there belonged somewhere else.  I have placed all the magnets (kids things) in a ziploc bag in a draw by the fridge so if they want to play with them they are easily accessible for them.  Notes and things I have placed in a folder on my desk only after I have put the deatils on the calander which is the only thing left on the fridge.  I just require a nicer looking one for next year so the kids can see what they are up to and when their Dad is away interstate.

Great stuff Christina!


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