Corinne’s lucky dip

This time last night I was at the launch of Corinne Grant’s new book, Lessons in Letting Go, Confessions of a Hoarder. You can purchase this bestselling book at our webstore. It was a great night and I was particularly tickled by the lucky dip.  I scored a Benefit lip and cheek stain that replaces my on the way out blusher.

But the big news, dear reader, is that Corinne kindly let me dip for you too!  Make sure you are on my mailing list for my newsletter – the next newsletter you receive (November 2010) will include details on how you can win this mystery prize.  Sign up here.

STOP PRESS:  SORTED are now stocking this book in our webstore.  Click here to view details.


2 responses to “Corinne’s lucky dip

  1. the one thing I wouldn’t give up to Corrine, even if she begged me for it, is the lucky dip prize I’m going to win from this competition!!!!! LOL

    but seriously, I’ll never give up my favourite pair of worn-out jeans (that is; every one else thinks they’re worn out, but I know they still have a few years left in them)



  2. Hi there.
    I am seeking inspiration from your first book and this site and its definately work in progress as I am a shocking procrastinator. In fact I could represent Australia in procrastination!!!
    But if Corinne begged me to give up the tiny little note (on a scrap of paper I might add!) that my then 7 year old daughter wrote to the tooth fairy, I simply couldn’t do it. My daughter is now a 20 year old university student and she looks at me as if I am from the planet Zogg for keeping such a thing, but I just love it.
    Well I’m off to read another recipe to help get my life in order 🙂

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