Organise your gadgets

I love what fellow organiser Joshua Zerkel from Custom Living Solutions (San Francisco) wrote recently re technology and wanted to share it with you.

“If you have a drawer or box full of gizmos you don’t use anymore or mystery cables, you’re not alone. Spend a few minutes weeding through the tech detritus – old mp3 players, outdated cell phones, cables for devices long gone, and recycle them at your local electronics disposal company. Don’t forget to get rid of old user manuals and installation CDs for things you no longer need.”

This is a really simple job and in most cases, I reckon you can do a sort and dispose of the unneeded items in less than 15 minutes.  Not sure that we have too many green recycling options here in AUstralia, but your best bet is to check out to see what’s offered in your area.

Get to it!

Thanks for the great reminder, Josh!


6 responses to “Organise your gadgets

  1. Also anything that doesn’t fit any more – light globes with special fittings for a light you threw out or that is broken and unfixable; ditto batteries. Get a battery tester and dispose of all those dead ones. Toss out pens that no longer work.

    This is how I got started with decluttering – if you toss out items that have no use to anyone, it gets you motivated to keep going, because even doing that alone makes a difference. And its relatively easy and painless.

    And for things like dead (power) extension leads, you can take them to a scrap metal yard and might get a dollar or two for them. Ditto cords on appliances that no longer work and not worth repairing.

  2. We are in the middle of decluttering our house to prepare for an interstate move early next year – though at the moment it feels more like a purge.

    Following on from Robin’s suggestions – when we go to give something away I dig through our filing cabinet to find any manuals or paperwork to go with it. This removes the unwanted item from our home and clears out my filling cabinet at the same time.

    Daycare, doctor’s surgeries and hairdresser make great places to donate kids toys and books.

    On a weekly basis we donate washed yoghurt pots and cardboard boxes to daycare. Our town has no recycling service and they use the pots for paint and the boxes for building activities.

    One of the things I do struggle with is my husband’s eClutter! Every time I go to get rid of paperwork or old textbooks/manuals etc, he insists on scanning it. For example I recently took apart a comb bound 250 page booklet to keep only 8 pages. He wanted to scan the whole book – but I just see this as a different kind clutter. Any suggestions?

  3. Dear Nerine,
    I lived with a hoarder for 8 years. I know what its like :-). Some men don’t want to get rid of anything, no matter how old, broken, useless and of no value, “just in case.” In these days of the internet, you can find lots of info you need online, including manuals.

    Scanning it into the computer and storing on CD takes up a little less space than the original textbook at least, and more than one manual would possibly fit on one CD (or memory sticks take up even less space, altho more difficult to label).

    If you cannot sway him, then give him his own space – a bookshelf in the shed (with doors if dust will be a problem). Easily accessible, especially manuals that go with power tools, paint charts, etc. Assuming you have a shed, with space.

    I still think you need to respect his stuff, and not just toss it without permission, but its tricky.

  4. For the mobile phones and accessories you can recycle them through the Mobile Muster program ( through phones stores such as Telstra’s stores or print off your mailing stickers to send them in through the mail. Check out the site to find the closest or easiest option for you.

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