I love this!

How smart is this product I spotted at the recent Home Show here in Melbourne?

I saw it on the day and thought, oh, yeah, but they’re expensive.  Imagine my delight when I discovered it was at Target on sale for under $80. WOW! They retail for just $99: that’s still a great deal for something practical and good-lookin’.

They’re called a “Cool Bar” and are distrubuted by a company called Maze and are manufactered by Israeli company Keter.  There’s lots of innovative products coming out of Israel, they seem to have a geat grip on function and form and living a good lifestyle.

I love a versatile product; this combines a cooler, cocktail table and coffee table all in one. and I can see something like this useful for even kids toys (Lego, maybe?).

This insulated cooler keeps drinks cold and can hold up to 42 cans (I assume that’s without ice).  The picture looks like it comfortably stows 7 large soft drink bottles which is pretty nifty for any small space gathering.  Colours: available are white outside and blue or brown on the inside. Dimensions are

W 49.5cm
D 49.5cm
H 84.3cm when open and using the chiller section (slightly higher than a desk)


What do you think?

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