I’ve had what I call a mini bushfire.

I have managed to have what I call “mini bushfire”. Today, I’ve razed all the personal info on my iphone and managed to revert to factory settings.  Feel like a dickhead.  But despite not even having my boyfriend’s phone number (damnit!) I feel strangely cleansed.  It’s kind of liberating, but scary too.

Have you ever had a blip that made you start again?  How did it feel?  Good, bad, or a bit of both?


4 responses to “I’ve had what I call a mini bushfire.

  1. Oh I hope you had a hard copy. I made a hard copy of all my email addresses a while ago, and though I don’t have many phone numbers, I might just do that again tonight.

  2. Hey,

    You have probably been told this by a million other people but you might be able to restore it from your automatic itunes backup.

    Hope it works out for you!



  3. Sometimes it good to not have the choice of dealing with all of the bits and pieces and having to start fresh. I’m of the mind that anything particularly special or important will be found in one way or another.


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