The International Association for Empty Pockets

From art house co-op in The United States comes a wonderful new initiative: The International Association for Empty Pockets.  Their website says:

We all carry excess baggage with us everyday: keys to forgotten locks, expired chewing gum, intimidating balls of lint. These freeloading objects take our pockets, purses, and bags for granted, weighing us down and holding us back.

The International Association for Empty Pockets is a worldwide movement dedicated to the end of pocket clutter. Contributions to the Pockets Project will form a communal burial ground for the detritus of everyday life – and mark a new era of freedom for your pants.

Our pockets are overflowing. The time to empty is now!

The concept involves signing a pledge and contributing the contents of your pockets (by mail).  Kinda fun!

I’d love to know, what Association for Empty thing would you start?  Empty Brain?  Empty e-mail box?  Empty …?

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4 responses to “The International Association for Empty Pockets

  1. Empty mind, at least once a day – i.e. a little meditation now and again.

    Empty saddle bags – we used to carry all sorts of gear with us on trail rides, including for the horse and ourselves. Maybe we could have got away with a little less, or with none. There is a certain freedom in just being able to saddle up and go, with no other preparation.

    I dislike carrying anything, whether or not my hands are involved (backpack, shopping bag, tote bag, or just stuff). I even ride with one hand, to keep the other free for any eventuality, but my riding instructor doesnt like that idea :-).

  2. my husband pulled £4.20 in coins out of our washing machine, they had blocked the drain off pipe. I ‘hear hear ‘ your empty pockets idea for saving domestic appliances!

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