My new organising book out in just 8 days!

I am very excited to announce my long-awaited next (series) of books -watch this space!  If you struggle to get your kids organised THIS is something you will want to own… and if you don’t have kids… you will still want a copy because it will help you learn the basics (or remind you of the important things).

STOP PRESS:  My first comic is now here!  Click here for all the details


6 responses to “My new organising book out in just 8 days!

  1. Hey Cathie

    The book(s) are aimed at a really broad age range – pretty much all kids and teens (even adults!). The format is unique and has not been seen before in organising books. There are also some worksheets included so you can use the material to its full potential.

    Stay tuned! All will be revealed next Wednesday on my newsletter. If you’re not signed up, you can do so here at the SORTED! website.

  2. Hey Lissanne

    Congratulations on the new comic book series! I have placed an order for first one and coincidentially, my son Liam (4 1/2 years old) will be starting “big school” next year ie kindergarten, so timing and title are perfect.

    I am looking forward to reading it with him and he will think it has been personalised.

    Keep up with the fab ideas!
    Regards, Christine

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