Is it possible it’s been that long?

Ok, so confession time.  I am almost at the end of my face powder… and I will be so glad when I am.  I have hung onto the powder (rarely used, really only for photo shoots and the like) as I felt wasteful chucking it, even though it’s right down to the last few granules.

But get this.  I’ve had it for 8 and a half years!  Since I shot the pilot of Your Life on The Lawn.

Yes, the powder is still used, but would it still be hygenic and working at it’s optimum?  I doubt it.

So, dear reader, spill the beans.  What item have you been hanging onto for longer than you know you should have?


One response to “Is it possible it’s been that long?

  1. cassette tapes. i do have a player, but i dont listen to them any more. yet they sit there in a cupboard. i am putting them in a box for charity over time, when in reality i should just bite the bullet and pack them all up. i wouldnt miss them. have had some since i was 14 years old – over 30 years.

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