What are you putting off?

What are you putting off (at home or work)?  Let it out here:


2 responses to “What are you putting off?

  1. its council cleanup day in about a month, and they are taking items that are not accepted at the tip – old paint, fluoro tubes, chemicals.

    i need to gather them together in one place, ready to take, but can’t seem to get around to it. the shed is cold and draughty, and their requirements are strict, and i while i have tins and tins of paint, i am sure i don’t need them all, but which ones do i keep, and how do i know if the paint is still good?

    excuses excuses, i know, but i just keep putting it off. maybe because its a job with a deadline.

  2. Cleaning up my desk and a large pile of papers which keeps getting moved from chair to washing basket/trolley and back to chair. The desk is mostly letters and receipts to either file or throw, the pile is a mixture of newspaper articles and recipes, some business papers and who knows what else?!

    I keep putting notes in my diary but just can’t get started.

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