Unique and creative storage solution

I’ve heard of this before, and it’s pretty sensible!  Check out the very unusual and creative place some New Yorkers store their clothing. (via Reuters / The Age)

A unique and creative “storage solution

What’s the most unusual storage place you’ve used or heard of?  Hit me with it!


2 responses to “Unique and creative storage solution

  1. I personally think some of the New Yorker’s storage idea’s are very unhygienic and not creative at all. A change in their life style might be the solution? They have poor eating habits, and are massive consumers. But thats my opinion…

    My little bit of me time: Turning martial arts mats into sofa’s, to save space and to store mats.

    Clothes line spanning the length of the bedroom and bathroom. Used both for drying clothes as well as storing them.

    My backpacks and bags of such, all are hanging in a wardrobe hanging by old climbing carabiners.

  2. My mother used her two drawer new dishwasher to store cookbooks when she was newly single and not doing much cooking or dishwashing. Inventive!

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