Declutter your digital life

“We’re drowning in information.” says Douglas C. Merrill, former chief information officer for Google.

Hell yeah!

Merrill has authored a book with James Martin called Getting Organized in the Google Era.  One of the best tips Douglas Merrell has involves changing your notion of digital filing.  He suggests “search, don’t file”. As as long time filer, I agree with this completely.  Filing takes time, energy and effort .

The trick here, I think, is to let go of our need to file.

What do you think; have you done away with filing digital ‘stuff’?  Or do you have a different method for managing digital clutter?

(Thanks to David Franken for passing on the full article. Original source: Sydney Morning Herald)


2 responses to “Declutter your digital life

  1. I recently bought a new PC, and looked through the old one for items to keep. Found I was saving heaps of stuff – recipes, windows tips, pet tips, gardening info – but just filing it, not doing anything else with it. So I deleted most of it.

    Bookmarking can be just as bad, when you save the link to the page but never visit it again. Keep only a few bookmarks, clean it up every so often, and search for anything else you need.

    With magazines, I will read them and pass them along rather than keep specific pages. Weird, huh.

    Also recycled a folder of printed stuff, mostly printed from the internet. Again, printed, filed away and not looked at again.

    While I am sure a lot of this info was interesting at the time, snippets of this and that are not much help later on – this is how you grow onions, repaint a room, use herbs, etc. I figure I can search for this info again, or look it up someplace, and it will also be more up to date.

  2. Love your methodology Kim… and yes, I like your comment “this is how you grow onions”. All those layers will certainly add up to a smelly, tearful experience!

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