Win a copy of my bestselling book

Home Ideas Magazine (formerly Modern Home) are giving away four copies of my book, SORTED! the ultimate guide to organising my life – once and for all. Enter here.


One response to “Win a copy of my bestselling book

  1. I would like to win this copy of your book.

    Because, I am a scatterbrain in cleaning up stuff. In my hometown The Netherlands.

    Suck as:
    – all my paperwork is together and the unsorted.

    – all my computer files are not categorized on my screen (dektop)

    – In short, everything is cleaned up where it belongs.

    I do not know how it must be done?

    And I would like to learn cleaning my clutter, and using your informative tips and advice.

    That’s the only reason. Why I would really like to have a copy of your book in my possession.

    Hopelijk ben ik een van de winnaars van uw book?

    Should it be that I win a book. Then you can send
    it by mail to the following address:

    R. UFFING,
    (address supplied)

    Sincerly Yours,
    R. Uffing

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