Storage – sorted!

I was excited to see the words

“Storage – sorted
50 ways to hide, divide and conquer”

on the cover of Real Living Magazine this week and eagerly purchased a copy.  Editor Deborah Bibby spoke of how great decluttering was, and how important.  The mag also claimed “We have the best tips and tricks to help you conquer the clutter.”

…but something was missing…

any real practical tips or techniques!

So disappointed!  Did I miss something in the mag?  All I saw and read about were products and containers.. more stuff to cram into our space…. don’t we all need less, not more?  Did I miss the tips? The new ideas on how-to?


16 responses to “Storage – sorted!

  1. I thought the same thing! It all looked nice and neat in the pictures and the products were front and centre but…what to do with them and the items you need to organise! Nada.

    Bitterly disappointing!

    • I havent seen the article but it looks nice & stylish: I wonder if the heading on the cover is trying reminisce Lisannes book & give the impression the article will be along the same lines? – its a similar font and they could have chosen a different word, such as ‘solutions’ or ‘solved’. (they might not have looked as pleasing to the eye though) just some perpheral thoughts.

  2. Interesting isn’t it: mainstream media know that everyone wants more storage; that’s why they put such titles on their covers. The promise of more storage, better storage, clever storage SELLS MAGAZINES! Alas, purchasing a container of any description does not equal organised. That’s called containerisation ;-p

    Why is no magazine is prepared to show readers HOW to manage their stuff. And why organising is a great thing. Why is it that no magazines in Australia have an “organising” column? Long overdue!

    Maybe Realliving should rename their mag to RealDisappointing. 😦

  3. Hi,

    I read your post with a smile – I was complaining about the same thing to a colleague this morning and decided to count the so called tips as I am certain there are not 50 because a picture of a tub is not a tip! I am seriously considering writing to them requesting a refund – if only I can get organised enough to do it!

  4. Hi All,
    I don’t get the mag here in NZ, but find the same thing here in New Zealand.
    Most of the Magazine articles on getting organised and decluttering tend to be “advertorials” for organising products. Such a big part of the problem is having too much stuff and not effectively using the stuff and space you already have, so filling up with more stuff compounds the problems.
    Yes it is about time that Media began to understand there is a wealth of Organising expertise out there and if they tapped into it they would have better quality “Organising Advice” not just pretty picture.
    from NZ.

  5. Hi everyone,
    I agree. The only purpose of that whole article was to sell stuff. 62 products that will undoubtedly ADD to the clutter!
    Hilarious really that in the before photo of the hallway on page 114, there’s only 5 objects, and looks pretty good to me. The so called ‘transformed’ pictured look very cluttered in comparison.
    Notebook April issue has a very good article called ‘Conquer the clutter’ which has 7 full pages (and not one single product credit) of well researched ideas and techniques on de cluttering and explores the connection between emotional clutter and living/work space clutter. Also touches on the all important issue of ‘where to start’.

    Still not as informative and inspiring as your book thought Lissanne!

  6. The reason magazines don’t lift the lid on the ‘real’ organisation secrets is one of the first de hoarding tip a true organiser will give you is….. Don’t buy magazines you don’t need that will clutter up your house. 😉

    I’m sick of the ‘declutter’ headlines that really offer no solutions for hoarders like myself.

    I’m on a mission to get sorted and the mags were the first to go.

  7. oh, Jen you are spot on! But I also think the publishers miss the point: we’re not saying “don’t buy” we’re saying “don’t hoard”. Besides, if the mags got some expertise in to tell the truth, the *content* would be so much better .

    As you know, old mags, as a general rule, are dead wood. I keep a small stack (no more than 20) of the mags I love and value.

  8. Hi Lissanne

    Just wanted to say how much I loved your comments on ‘what products and containers will I need’. As a professional organiser I firmly believe our job is to teach our clients to fish for themselves!!!!!

    Also thanks for being such an inspiration. I only hope to be as successful as your are one day 😉

    Warm regards
    Tracey Embleton

  9. Thanks Tracey! I appreciate your kind words. Good to hear you have similar philosophies. (for those of you not on my newsletter mailing list, this was my comment:

    People always ask me what products and containers they will need to buy. I say “It’s unlikely you will need anything else.” There’s an unnecessary focus on containers and products, particularly in the media.

    I really like what Emily Wilska, (The Organized Life) had to say about our role:

    “[Professional Organisers] are not a bunch of people who just rearrange or neatly box up clients’ piles of stuff, who aid and abet clients’ addictions to stuff, or who believe that a few trips to the Container Store can solve everything.”

    When I ran my Training for Professional Organisers last week, I asked my students, do you want to be a product and container expert, or do you want to teach your clients how to fish? You know that old saying, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

    Trust me; you don’t need containers, “storage solutions” or whatever the product of the month is. Focus on dealing with your time and focus with dealing with your content (everything that might go in a container).

  10. The reason magazines will never print “real” decluttering and organisation articles is money. Magazines need advertisers’ money to survive – they need to keep their advertisers on side. It is not in the magazine’s best interest to tell you to not consume or to eliminate “stuff”!!! Advertisers don’t like that! Much better to promote some more “stuff” (storage baskets, tubs, etc) to put more “stuff” in. The ugly truth. Money is the bottom line 😦

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