Using technology to get organised part #2 Evernote

This is the best app you’ll ever find to help manage all those scrappy notes and information.  And you don’t need an iphone to use it – just go to

Better still, it’s free. I wish I had started using Evernote a year ago when Joshua Zerkel of Custom Living Solutions first sang it’s praises.

What makes evernote special?  As they say, “Capture, organise, find.”

It’s searchable, you can use tags, you can store snippets of text, URLs, photos, voice notes.  For me, it’s a great dumping ground for all those bits of info I *might* need or want to lay my hands on without thinking too hard about it.  Have you tried Evernote?  Does it work for you? Have you used it for task or project management?


2 responses to “Using technology to get organised part #2 Evernote

  1. Lisanne, I agree! I’ve used Evernote

    – to collect info on restaurants, hotels and shops in a location I’ll soon be visiting.

    – to quickly show a client several storage options I’ve researched for them online, without fumbling to locate them.

    – to remember the location of funny videos and websites that come across my desk. I tag them “i need a laugh” and when I’m having a tough day, I go back and visit something to cheer me up.

    – to clip and save examples of good autoresponders that I receive when I sign up for a class, which I can use to inspire improvements to my own the next time I rewrite it.

    And that’s just a beginning.

  2. Agreed, margaret, no fumbling!

    I also love that Evernote has character recognition so my scraps of paper with handwriting can recognise what the words are – fully searchable… nice one!

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