Using technology to get organised part #1 iphone

Is your iphone helping you get and stay organised?  Mine is.  Of course, there are a million apps (applications) but here’s just a few I use all the time:

  • I use the  Notes app to keep my shopping list and errands and love not having scraps of paper floating about anymore.
  • I use the clock to set an alarm to remind myself to top up a parking meter is due to expire. (stress and money saver!)
  • Urban spoon is a quick way to find somewhere to eat or drink wherever I am, and of course Shazam is amazing when you want to know the name of a song playing.  I can take pics and have them set on the desktop.  And, of course, contacts are synced with your computer so you’ll never lose your address book again. <sigh>

Although it’s not an app, I’d love to give you a small tip too… want to know how to type in all caps?  Hold down the “caps” key while typing with your other finger… works a treat.

My all time favourite organising app will blow you away! But I won’t share it just yet, it deserves its own post (watch this space).

What apps do you use and love?  What’s not so good?  Any good user tips?  I’d love to hear your thoughts – even if you have a general mobile phone tip or question.


13 responses to “Using technology to get organised part #1 iphone

  1. Great blog idea!

    I’m a big collector of apps, but for organisation there’s a few I just love.

    For travel itinerary organisation, you can’t go past TripIt (get it, get it, get it). It’s completely free and amazing on every level. Just email them over your travel itinerary and instantly they’ll load it onto your iphone.

    ‘Tasks’ is my to-do list task app. Very good and very simple.

    ‘All Recipes’ is nice if you’re stuck for dinner and meal ideas.

    I have a few personal budgeting apps (‘Budget’ and ‘PocketMoney’) but I find both a bit too labour intensive. If any one knows a good budgeting app, let me know!

  2. Nice one Cassie and glad you like the blog idea :-))))

    I love TripIt, I will get it!

    It’s also worth checking out your local public transport providers to see what apps they offer: I’ve just downloaded Metlinks app and it’s SPECTACULAR. No more phaffing about for the train times. I have started to think about a whole range of apps that would be useful in other realms.

    I think technology is about to blow our minds… I’m sure a few years from now we will be living and working so differently… hold on for the ride…

  3. Another way to type in all capitals is to tap the ‘arrow’ key twice, it turns blue, and then it’s all capitals until you tap the ‘arrow’ key again.

    I am an app collector…..I have too many that I don’t use (Thanks to Lissane I regularly declutter them too!…..mostly) but my current favourites are Words with Friends (scrabble on the go); Freebooks (as it says); Fling (cute, addictive game); Keeper (all my account numbers and passwords for all my accounts are stored there – phones; ebay; email; e-tag; frequent flyer; subscriptions, etc…so I don’t carry around lots of cards and can access my accounts as long as I have my iphone); Ethel Chop (hilarious); Old Booth (put daggy hairdos on you and your friends); Faces wild (similar); Screen clean (cute as..) and Toilet mate (find a toilet near to you!). Well they’re just some of my many apps and now, when I go on a train or wait for the doctor I don’t need a book because I have everything on my iphone!

  4. I don’t have an iPhone yet (hoping to win one) but use the EverNote app on my Notebook computer. It has an iPhone version which users rave about. All notes taken on any device can be synchronised with your account on the web automatically so all your notes (and they can be camera phone photos of notes written on serviettes, or clippings from web pages or just about anything) are available to you wherever you are. Can’t live without this one.

    My other reason to get an iPhone is Home Routines. Lets you have a separate app for those recurring bits of housework (or probably anything else) you need to remember to do (like clean the hairbrush, >> ;p ) without cluttering up your phone’s calendar or reminder system (helpful so the more important reminders like Dr’s Appts don’t get lost amongst the digital clutter).

    There are so many amazing apps in the Itunes app store I could waste hours in there!

  5. Ann – thanks so much for the tip on the tapping twice for caps on the iphone – much appreciated. The apps you list sound great, particularly fling – is it a decluttering game? hahahah!

    Luc – I wish I could win you a new iphone, they are great!

    You have blown my evernote cover – it’s my all time favourite app and I wish I hadn’t taken so long to start using it.

    Home routines sounds great for keeping things regular.

    Thanks both for your comments 🙂

  6. Absolutely love the Metlink app. Thanks for the tip.

    Regarding the iphone caps lock, thought it might be worth noting that you need to be sure that this function has been turned on in Settings – General – Keyboard – Enable Caps Lock. I’m not sure that this is the default setting.

    Another small but useful iphone tip is for when you are using the keyboard. If you are typing and need to add something from the alternate numbers/punctuation screen, such as a comma, instead of tapping on the 123 key (bottom left) and then on the comma and then on the bottom left key again, try pressing the 123 key and keeping your finger on it, don’t lift your finger up. The keyboard will change over to the alternate punctuation keyboard. Then slide your finger across to the key you want, without lifting your finger off the screen. Once you are on the key you want, lift your finger. The comma will be inserted in your message and you will automatically be back at the standard keyboard. As I said it’s a small shortcut but one I love.

    By the way, love your book and I enjoy the email updates. Always some good tips.


  7. Hi Lissanne,
    The simplest (and my favorite) app is the Clock app- but I use it more for the Timer feature. I’m always setting it for 15 or 30 minutes to keep me on track with a task.

    A few other faves are: Evernote, Instapaper, ToodleDo, MileBug, Dragon Dictation and the list goes on. 😉

  8. Hey Lauren! One of my fave geek gals! Thanks for the apps tips… I am busily reasearching/downloading….

    Doncha love that we are in the middle of a tecnological revolution?!

    • ooooh, not sure I should share this one or not!!! We all save too much stuff. My advice is to use this with discretion.

      How it works: Instapaper gives you a Read Later bookmark.

      1. When you find something you want to read, but you don’t have time, click Read Later.
      2. Come back when you have time, or read your articles on the go.

      Register for a free account to get started.

      Read anywhere: Computer / Paper / iPhone and iPod Touch / Kindle and ePub readers.

  9. I love my iphone, I sometimes wonder how I coped without it!! My all time favorite app is ShopperLite. Its great for your weekly shopping list, and you tick things off as you work your way round the supermarket. It has the option of entering prices as you go, which is great if you are trying to stick to a budget, as you can see how much your “shopping basket” costs, which really makes you think twice about those impulse purchases. Plus if you do this you can start to see from home how much your weekly shopping will cost you, and rethink your meal plan accordingly.

    I’m desperately waiting for The Hit List app to be released, as I am loving their task management program on my mac!

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