If only I could get around to it…

I love the story from a newsletter reader who tells me  her Dad struggles with procrastination and getting things done.  He started to paint the exterior of the house…. and he took so long to complete it (ten years in fact!) that he had to start all over again.  Just like how they paint the Sydney Harbour Bridge! What’s your dirty procrastination secret?


2 responses to “If only I could get around to it…

  1. Filing paperwork. It piles up, until I can’t stand the sight of it, and then I spend an hour or so putting it away.

    And cleaning out the filing cabinet when it gets too full. Knowing what to keep, and what can be discarded.

    I went as far as buying lever arch folders, as suggested in your Sorted book, but its as far as I got.

  2. Oh that’s great – folders with nothing in them 🙂

    Tee hee hee! You’ve reminded me of my guilty secret… I have not finished a creative project, some giant scrabble tiles, that I started about four years ago…

    HOWEVER, I do have this project slated for Easter!


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