Reusable greeting cards

The lovely Kathy gave me one of these cards for my birthday – it’s reusable!

They’re from Australian company, Merry Go Round.

Re-usable, environmental gift cards

Merry-go-round greeting cards have slits cut inside the card allowing it to hold your message on a separate slip of paper.
The person who gets the card can replace the slip of paper with their own and send the card on with a new message. Each card has a refill and instructions.


4 responses to “Reusable greeting cards

  1. Since making this post, I have already resent my card to my friend, superstar hair and make up artist, Tracy Phillpot, for her birthday on 28th Feb.

    I like that there are little hearts on the back of the card; they idea is that you colour in one heart each time you use the card so you can track how many ‘lives’ it’s had. Clever and unique concept!

  2. My mother always goes to a lot of trouble to buy the most beautiful and special cards. She will often just insert a handwritten note on a slip of paper so that you can then reuse the card. The card then becomes a gift to give to someone else!

  3. What amazing ideas! I make reusable greeting cards from repurposed or found items and sell them online. The idea of regifting is one I learned from my grandmas. Isn’t it fun to discover new and different ways to regift and reuse?

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