$2.5 million for a spring clean

I love this story from The Age!  A woman decided to sort out her desk, and in the process, she unearthed lottery ticket she hadn’t checked.  She thought she’d lost it.

She checks the ticket, and guess what?  She’s now $2.5 million richer.

I’ve unearthed many treasures in my work over the years: important documents, “lost” passports, jewellry, forgotten cheques and regular, large stashes of cashola.  Even some VERY expensive diamonds that were very small … the owner thought they were long gone.

What have you found in your cleaning up?  Or, more importantly, what have you lost that you wish you could find again?

2 responses to “$2.5 million for a spring clean

  1. I found some earrings and other jewelery I forgot I had – nothing valuable but it was exciting for a moment.

    Found an old tap from, I think, an old wine barrel, which for some reason kept being lost, found, and lost again over a number of years.

    I lost a silver topped riding crop that my grandmother gave me – it was her mothers. I will never see that again – lost it when moving house. Someone scored well – at least I hope its still being looked after.

  2. Several years ago l was going through my desk.

    I came across a pile of Christmas cards l had been given from the year before.

    Luckily l opened the cards before l threw them out – they were from extended family and just about all the cards had money in them.

    Quite a few notes there. That was a nice little surprise. Wish it would happen more often. 😉

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