Unwanted mail… seriously!

My heath insurance company, (nameless) are really great. I’ve been with them for years and they provide good rebates, very efficient and trouble free service and I really have no complaints. Until yesterday, when I received a big fat, ‘magazine’ (45 pages). Although it’s clearly a well produced mag, I really didn’t find much of interest for me and generally avoid this type of ‘junk mail’ as I’ve got better things to do with my time. So I phone up and asked to be unsubscribed. I was told they couldn’t do that- that it was ‘automatic’ with my membership. After I assured them I really didn’t want it in my mailbox, they said they would ‘make a note’ but that they couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t receive it again.

Wow! I thought that as a paying customer and avoider of clutter, I might have the right to decide if I receive this kind of thing or not. Has anything similar ever happened to you?

5 responses to “Unwanted mail… seriously!

  1. I have a similar problem with a motoring services company who keeps send sending thier magazine to me and my wife at the same address. Was told takes a good 6 months to register on their system?????

  2. I can go one better than that. When we lived in Switzerland 10 years ago we had an everyday bank account. We got a bank statement every quarter, but also received, by post, a letter every time there was a transaction on the account! As you can imagine, often we received a letter like this every day. I went in to the bank requesting this to stop and asked for a monthly statement instead. Their reply was that a monthly statement would cost extra! Also they could not stop the other notifications as this was just how they did things.
    I hope 10 years later and with internet banking they have got their act together to help save the environment and money.

  3. Greg… I reckon I know the company you mean – it’s the most unread magazine I see in homes and offices!

    Annie… that is a corker of a story! Unreal! I feel a bit unwell about the amount of paper that would have generated.. but their “this is just how they did things” is pretty amazing, huh?

  4. For 10 years now, I’ve been receiving mail for an ex partner from his Share broker.. you read it right – 10 years!
    Over the years I’ve asked the ex to update his details with them, but as he doesnt even want to receive the information so hasnt.

    I’ve called the company on numerous occasions to request my address be removed from their system, but “they can’t by law”. What the?!?

    The other one…. a large stationary chain continues to send their monthly catalogue to my PO box for the previous box owner. I’ve tried the ‘return to sender’ thing without fail and phoned to request they update their records numerous times – this has been a going on for 6 months.

    Having had enough in both instances, I sent the mail back to both with a “pay more” sticker on it from the local post office. What this means is that they have to pay the return postage before they can collect the mail. Maybe they’ll take note of my request for address updates now! 🙂

  5. I ended up threatening to change banks after getting sent mail about life insurance every couple of months and after every letter I’d get a phone call. I don’t think I have had one since…

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