Score $2,000 a year – just by getting organised.

Apparently, Australians have $46 billion, or $2000 a person,  sitting in loose change jars, car consoles, piggy banks, shop tills, office floats and a corner of the purse. That’s a lot of slush fund!

Further, if this figure is accurate, we’re losing $2.5 billion in potential interest… reported: “The average Australian could earn an extra $115 per year from interest if they deposited loose cash into a high-interest savings account,” Ratecity’s Damien Smith said.

This fascinates me!  I rarely have cashola lying about, it’s the downside of being organised.  I have the “pizza stash” and the “parking money stash” and my purse, of course, but when they’re empty, there’s not much else but a wee bit of foreign currency, which isn’t that useful if I’m wanting a litre of milk.

Do you know if you have spare notes/coins lying about?  Have you checked the pockets of your jackets lately… or do you sometimes find a twenty or fifty dollar note when you least expect it?

Or, are you more routine with things: dumping coinage by the bed or top drawer? And if you do, is it a bit of schrapnel or enough for a fancy dinner for two?  I’d love to hear from you, dear reader!


20 responses to “Score $2,000 a year – just by getting organised.

  1. Isnt there a Winnie the Pooh quote that says something about the advantages to being disorganised – finding things you forgot you had?

    I save gold coins into a piggy bank, but I also raid it regularly, so its not really savings. Mostly because I end up with too many coins. Then I pay in coins only for a few days in a row.

    Have found $10 in a pair of jeans. But also dog doo-doo in a plastic bag in a coat pocket – blech. So its not always good.

  2. Unfortunately as soon as money comes in these days its out straight away on bills and such.

    I have no places anymore where I can possibly find anymore loose dosh : (

  3. I’d heard about a single parent who had over $3,000 to invest. She wasn’t working, and had saved it over a 2 year period. When she went to invest it (wherever that was), the staff asked her how she’d done it, given that her income was so minimal. She said: I never spend a $5 note. She saved them al and banked them.

    Now I save all my five dollar notes – amazing how quickly they add up! When I have $50, I bank it and start again.

    • I have also started a $5 fund and was surprised to find that in only 3 weeks I have $130. I told my husband he was welcome to contribute his notes to it as well… but was not welcome to help spend it, as he would be likely to put it on the mortgage. My $5 fund is going on a designer handbag or a holiday, a little something to make the daily grind a little easier to face!!!!

  4. We give our daughter any coins we have that are 20 cents, or less, and she puts them in a tin. She did this for a week, and when she was heading off for jamboree, she had her spending money all saved up. How much did she have in a year? $140.

    We saved all of the remaining coins in our wallets at the end of each day, and while she was away we went to dinner, and a gold class movie, and still had change left over. Great way to have some fun money.

  5. My partner HATES coins! In fact he has a wallet that doesn’t take coins. My bonus, is to collect the coins into a jar, which in times of dire financial straights I go shopping with… you can tell we’re at the pointy end of the pay week when I turn up at the supermarket with the coin jar! but there is always much more in there than you expect!
    When I’m in less financially pinched the coin jar is handy for grabbing coins for the tram or taking to the library for photocopes! I don’t care if I pay for a copy or a ticket with 5 cent coins!! It’s still legal currency! The coin jar has also paid for many lattes this year also!

  6. great for parking meters, lunches, vending machines. but there is a limit to how much you can hand over in coins to pay for something – depends on the shop I guess but they can legally refuse to accept a heap of coins in payment. I guess you can also bank them if you wrap them up and count them.

    some shops are crying out for change though – smaller shops, newsagents, etc., not the supermarkets so much.

  7. I also know of families who save their coins in ‘Christmas Jars’ – at christmas time, they have a think about who could do with a helping hand, and leave the jars anonymously on the door step.

  8. Funny you mention this…i just found $145 in my notes to be sorted dumping ground on my desk yesterday that I forgot to bank! Woo Hoo! Off to the bank…which reminds me to take in the daughters coin stash…$344 which she is enormously proud of (took 18mths). Love the site Lissanne!

  9. Dad also doesn’t like coins in his wallet and he used to leave them all over the house. Cleaning up one day I started collecting the coins and put them in a wicker duck we had lying around and put the duck near where Dad keeps his wallet and keys, by the time I had finished tidying up there was a few hundred dollars in there. Now Dad puts his coins straight in there and we just take bits as we need them, a handful for parking meters, donations when people come to the door. If my brother or I go down the shop and buy milk, we are told ‘take the money from the duck’. The duck has bought a lot of milk (and other things) over the past few years and it is great not having coins all over the kitchen.

  10. I keep a $5 note stash for netball, basketball, indoor cricket, occasional care and those desperate days when lunch maybe needed at school…saves alot of stress with 4 kids when the purse is often empty. i also always stash car parking coins and a container or coins for emergency hospital trips as I have found a machine latte or bar can help the waiting time be more tolerable!

  11. After reading this post earlier, I have found over $500 ! That would be mostly in the form of coins, and secret stashes that I have. I have 4 coin jars on the go, in the laundry, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. I tend to only spend notes, so there is always lots of coin going into them! Keeping in mind that each week I pay for the kids lunch orders, dancing and karate out of that money, so its a suprise to have soo much money left in them.

    I definately love the $5note thing ! I have started already. What a great way to pay for birthday parties and unexpected sporting events, or school excursions ! Sometimes even paying off the credit card when you over do it !!!!

    I have 10pages to go in your book and can’t wait to get started ! I am thinking my office, which has been used as a dumping ground for boxes, those paper piles that get moved from my kitchen and dining table, then the kids walk thru and knock piles and boxes over, so for the last 6mths, I haven’t walked in there unless I have too ! The door has remained CLOSED ! I have been procrastinating about getting organised for a long time and didn’t know where to start, wanted some ideas etc. Then last week I was in Kikki-k and bingo ! Thanks for the inspiration, sorting starts tomorrow, I shall keep you posted. Grozzie.

  12. Leanne – $500 is AMAZING! how fantastic. I am so glad you are finding my book helpful – you will so blizt that office! Would love to hear more about your progress – maybe some before and after photos even??!

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