Donate your unwanted gifts

Today is Christmas day.   The Age suggests what to do with your unwanted gifts:

“After Christmas people get a whole lot of new clothing or toys and donate their older things,” he said. ”We’re always interested in people giving us goods that we will be able to sell at a reduced price to people who are in need.” says Marion Frith, from the St Vincent de Paul Society.

I agree!  I suggest you use the one in one out rule – you receive a new item like a t-shirt – simply let one unworn one go.  Better still, let two unworn ones go.

Most charities will accept any saleable item in good repair.

What gift or unwanted item will you donate this year?


2 responses to “Donate your unwanted gifts

  1. What a great idea. I will put this in practice this year.
    I constantly have a grocery size bag in the hall way, or in the bottom of my wardrobe and i fill it with nicknacks and drop it off at st vinnies regularly.

    after speaking to some people, i had started to donate broken jewellery too (just things like beads etc that were broken, i placed them in zip lock bags) as people head to our st vinnies to find items like this to make their own earings that they sell at the markets. what a great way to recycle.

  2. Hey Renee, I love that you are donating craft items – this is a terrific tip! I think it makes a big difference to bag the items first.. that way, the volunteers at the op shop have a better clue that it’s not “rubbish” but an item worth recycling.

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