Quite possibly the cutest containers ever

If you’ve read my book you’ll know what I think of containers.  Often, we feel that by purchasing containers (boxes, plastic tubs etc) we’ll get on top of our possessions.  Wrong!  you have to deal with you ‘stuff’ first.  Containerization comes later.  First, you must declutter, refine, audit and reassess the items in your space.

Having said all that (!)  I am so in love with these fruit and vegetable shaped storage containers for the kitchen.  They are a fun way to store cut (often smelly)  items and they do seem to help stop the contents from spoiling so quickly.  Another benefit- thanks to the container reflecting the contents- is that you know exactly what’s in there!  No more opening a crusty old bit of al foil and saying “oh, there’s another cut onion going off…..”

Of course, do clear the fridge out on a regular basis!  Then containerize what matters 🙂

I confess, I have the entire set and my friend, Liz, squealed with delight when I bought them for her too.  We love to cook, so they are a very practical item.  Both of us use them daily, so  they’ve been a good investment.

You might find them in your local kitchenware shop, (one manufacturer is Hutzler) but you can definitely find them on line – click on the links below and you’ll be taken to the range at http://www.amazon.com.

Garlic Saver

Tomato Saver

Onion Saver

Lemon/lime Saver

Check out my latest post for purchase details in Australia.


7 responses to “Quite possibly the cutest containers ever

  1. Those containers are really cute but I find when I am storing things in the fridge that square containers work best. You can stack on them and they slide up next to each other so there is no wasted space.

  2. Hello Lissane,

    I tried to order these Hutzler containers from amazon, but message came up at the shopping cart/shipping detail section stating that could not ship to my address. I have never bought from amazon before.. and in this order included a pair of mens shoes, these containers and a book and only the book was permitted to be sent to Australia. Have you experienced this problem?

  3. Hi Irene

    I do hope I haven’t given you a bum steer – it’s possible the companies who sell everything but the shoes won’t ship to Australia – but to be honest, I’ve never encountered this kind of issue with Amazon before. I will see if I can do a bit of investigation for you.

    If not, I will see if I can track down the containers for you in Australia. 🙂

  4. Hi these are available in aussie i got the garlic one at a $2 dollar store the onion one I think at Robins [i also saw one at a $2 type store junk store Ive not seen the tomato one but the lemon/lime one i saw a while ago at a kitchen store?? but gosh cant remember the name so most are available Ive actually tossed mine i found i kept forgetting to use the items in them so now i use clear square containers so i can ‘see’ what inside

  5. I have just tried to order these too from Amazon and it states cannot ship excepting for the avocado and the onion. So just the lemon and tomato? a bit strange….I think they would be perfect for the organised smaller family and lunch time bits at pieces at the office. Let us know if you find an Aussie supplier.

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