I urge you to insert your excuse here.

We’re all too busy, too tired, too what-EVA to do what-eva!  Sara Getzkin, Superhero organizer, (and fellow LA Organizing Awards nominee) inspired me with her recent Facebook post “I urge you to insert your excuse here.”

Go for it!  Tell me your excuse!


5 responses to “I urge you to insert your excuse here.

  1. Here are some beauties I’ve heard:
    “I’m too busy being creative to be organised”
    “besides disorganisation means I’m creatively charged”.

    I’m a creative person, I find I can be more creative and ‘spontaneously creative’ when I can find what I need quickly by being organised. Creativity shouldn’t be an excuse for being disorganised


    “I’m rebelling against the strict parenting I had, so I’m letting it all hang out now”

    Having said that I will personally admit to using:
    “Today I’m lazy, I NEED to be lazy” – it’s honest! and
    “just because I’m a PO doesn’t mean I’m a perfectionist” – again I’m just being honest.


    Great post Lissanne

  2. Its not in my job description.

    It can wait.

    A dirty house means a healthier human, because they are exposed to germs all the time and their immune system learns to fight them early.

    Its not my mess.

    My “get up and go’s” have “got up and went.”

    Cluttered house, creative mind.

    Its boring.

    I am not expecting company.

  3. My excuses this year:
    My cat is sick; I’m concerned for her and not in the mood.

    I’m waiting to hear if my cat is terminally ill and I get the news that my brother has died. I can’t focus on anything.

    My cat is really ill and I’m too focused on her to do anything else.

    I think my cat doesn’t have very long to live – I can’t think straight.

    My cat just died (I let her go with an injection at the vet). I can barely function let alone organise.

    And 2 weeks later (1 week ago) I shifted furniture, partially decluttered and did some reorganising and now my tiny house looks twice the size & I can walk around without tripping over “stuff” I was keeping “just in case”.

    So… a bit of a theme running through all that. Not quite sure what to make of it. Now I can return to the simple & reliable “I’ll do it tomorrow!” 🙂

  4. Elizabeth K, I had a year like that back in 2001. Not fun, and you do grieve for people and animals before they are gone.

    I think you allow yourself to be down and sad for a couple of weeks, your mind says “enough of this” and you get busy as a distraction, and therapy. During a tough period last year I went next door and weeded her garden (she was away), just as therapy.

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